Fun things to do in Dublin

So you’re planning your holidays in Dublin? What a great choice. Here you’ll find green hills, drink the best pint of Guinness and meet the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world! Wanna know best fun things to do in Dublin? Well, read on my friend and you might just experience the most amazing time of your life!

Return of mummies

Dublin is full of historic places and holds the key to some of the greatest legends in the world! One of them, undoubtedly, is the legend of the Shears brothers, whose mummified bodies lie underneath St. Michan’s Church. Spooky!

Food for… a tummy!

After a ghastly walk in the St. Michan’s crypts, you might want to take a ‘sweet’ break and pop in to the Queen of Tarts or The Cake Café for some yummy Irish puds – such as a Baileys pie or a bread pudding. On St Patrick’s Day, you will find lots of these going around.

And they’ll make the rest of your tour around Dublin a piece of cake!

Gaelic games

Once you’ve been fed, you’ll have enough energy to participate in some Irish physical activity. Gaelic games are perfect for both guys and girls and are totally out-of-this-world. Go on – put on your armour and face the Gaelic knights!

Vintage paradise

Loft Market is Dublin’s best kept secret. This New York-style indoor fashion market is today’s hipster go-to place for cool vintage clothing and jewellery. Take home for your momma a snazzy set of earrings and a necklace– she’d be forever thankful to receive jewellery made by one of Dublin’s finest craftsmen.

Dublin’s skyline

Not many visitors to Dublin know about this hidden gem, but I will tell you, (in secret, of course – shh!) where you can experience the best view of Dublin. And, yes, before you ask, you can still enjoy a pint on the rooftops when you get there. The all-around glass Gravity Bar, located on the roof tops of Guinness Storehouse, will provide you with a dazzling, stomach-churning view of the entire city. And you don’t have to pay a cent to get in! That means more money to spend on the evening and the rest of your trip!

The best (and cheapest!) way to get to Dublin is by plane. There are a number of cheap airlines worth looking into. Flybe and Ryanair are two of the cheapest that will minimise the cost of travel. A flight comparison site like will help you find the best prices.

Oh, and just one last thing. Before you set off for the green isle, when you’re stuffing those slinky dresses and high-heels into your suitcase, remember to take enough supplies of Paracetamol to cure all those hangovers you’re gonna get after losing a drinking game with the locals!

Photo by sebastiandooris on Flickr