Ford Transit, for the Small Business on the Move!

If you are the kind of small business that has to make house calls, you’ve got to have a way to transport your equipment without having to sacrifice function or appearance. No matter what your transportation and cargo requirements, the Ford Transit’s latest ad campaign illustrates how it’s a solution for a variety of businesses: from plumbers, to household repair, to outdoor sports manufacturers. The Ford Transit is designed to get you where you need to go, bring your means of business along with you, and keep you looking good on every mile of the journey.

It used to be that to in order to move your business around, small business owners like you had to get a big old cargo van, one that was manufactured with transport in mind and little else. Today’s businesses need to worry about fashion as well as function, in the era of Facebook followers and Yelp reviews. It’s also important to have access to a great cargo or passenger vehicle that can be scaled to meet the needs of your business. Not every small business can use a huge cargo van that can’t find parking in an average residential area. Not every craftsman (like the water sports manufacturer in the video campaign) have goods that can easily fit in other cargo vehicles.

That’s why the Ford Transit comes in a variety of sizes and design variations. It’s got three roof heights, three lengths, two wheelbases, three engines, cargo van or passenger wagon, and a seemingly endless list of upfitting options. Of course, you’ll have to pick which one you want before you can drive a Transit off the lot, but well-chosen the Ford Transit can be the best possible vehicle for the specific needs of your unique business. So check them out, they’ll work for you. Like all their sister products, the Ford Transit is built Ford tough.