Flight Without Fight – 6 Steps Toward Perfecting the Art of Travel

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Travelling abroad is immensely popular these days. Holidays give people a great amount of perspective while affording some time to unwind and have fun. Getting to know more about the world has never been so exciting.

Whether you’ve travelled before, or are just getting started with your journeying, it’s always good to have a starting point. Simply booking your ticket can often be the perfect way to start, but there are a few things that could really be beneficial throughout your journey.

If you’d like to become a pro traveller, then read on.

Fund Your Travels

Travelling is very fun, but it can also be very expensive. Depending on where you go and what you do, you could be paying hundreds of dollars or thousands. Investing in travel loans from Latitude can help ease the cost a bit by allowing you to pay for your trip a little later.

Another way to fund your travels is to have a credit card that accrues travel points. With enough points, you could shave a lot of money off of your flights – which tend to be the most expensive part of travelling.

Do Your Research

One thing you can do to ensure you’re prepared for your trip is to do some research about where you’re going. Knowing the sights and some potentially amazing things to see while away can give you an itinerary of sorts and keep you on task. It’s also good to know about potential threats and dangers in the area. Not necessarily to dwell on, but to know that something could happen.

Be Smart About Flights

Flights are needlessly complicated for how simple they are. They fly us as directly as possible to another destination on the globe, and yet so many things can go wrong in this process that it can drive a person mad. Having a plan for purchasing your flights can make the process much simpler.

For instance, the timing of your flight purchase can make a difference in price. Shopping around also makes a big difference. The cheaper flights may also have ridiculous layovers and connections. Ultimately, taking a relaxed attitude towards your flights will help you in the long run.

Pack Smarter

One of the best ways to look like you’ve travelled before is to pack properly. Many people overstuff their bags with items that – if they’re used at all – will be used once. You’ll usually only use 20 percent of the items you bring, leaving 80 percent in the bag.

Smart packing means making smart choices.

For instance, never pack for more than two weeks – even if you’re travelling for a month. Novice travellers pack as if they’re never coming home. Professionals pack what they need. Unless you’re going into a very remote location, you’ll likely be able to visit a shop to buy toothpaste or some bottoms.

Perfect Your Carry On

The best thing you can do before getting on a plane is to have your carry on luggage sorted out. As you’re packing up, be sure to check with your airline about the dimensions allowed for your carry on. Some airlines will charge you for extra baggage, and some won’t allow things too large into the cabin. The smaller your carry on is, the simpler it will be to bring it on the plane. If you can pare down your plane essentials to 4 or 5 things, a simple drawstring bag will hold your belongings.

Be Courteous & Kind

The most important thing for travellers to keep in mind is to be courteous and kind while they are in another country. If you’re travelling to a poorer part of the world, do your part to leave it better than you found it. Don’t litter, smile at people, and be nice to people.

Far too often we take other places for granted because “that’s how we do it back home”. It’s our job to be better when we’re away. It also shines a light on how we’re perceived as travellers, so it pays to be kind.

Travel Smart, Travel Happy

No matter your skill level – novice, intermediate, or professional traveller – there are always things to learn in this world. By packing smarter, booking your trips smarter, and generally having a better attitude about travelling, you can become a master very easily. Travel is an art, and you are the artist.