4 Ways to Avoid Plumbing Disasters

After getting home from a long and unproductive business trip in the middle of the night, most homeowners have no desire to search for an emergency plumber. Yet they find themselves in this situation all the time.

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way!

As a homeowner facing potential plumbing problems, there are simple steps that you can take that will help you avoid major unexpected plumbing disasters.

If you want to save time, money, and prevent major headaches in the future, please consider our four disaster-proofing tips to maintain a healthy plumbing system.

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Perform a Water Pressure Test

When your water pressure is too high, it has a tendency to cause all sorts of nasty problems. Not only can it lead to causing leaks, it can also waste water and create serious pipe damage.

To prevent these problems from happening, make every effort to check your water pressure on a semi regular basis. Pull out your gauge every few months and perform a water pressure test.

We recommend maintaining an 80 psi water pressure in your residence. If you raise the pressure to 100 psi, or even worse 150 psi, that’s when potential plumbing problems will rear their ugly head!

Implement a Toilet Maintenance Check

Our second tip comes from Done Plumbing, a Denver plumber, who explains the importance of toilet maintenance checks.

Are you concerned that your toilet might be leaking? A toilet maintenance check is a great place to start in an effort to discover the truth.

Take a look at the back of your toilet inside the tank. Is the toilet bowl flapper warped or out of shape? If so, this can create a unwanted leak.

Thankfully, it’s easy to check if your flapper is faulty.

Simply put a few drops of food coloring into the toilet tank – the darker the better. Leave everything overnight and check it in the morning. If you discover colored water in your toilet bowl the next day, it’s time to replace your toilet bowl flapper.

Toilet bowl flappers are really inexpensive. Don’t be like Britain who allowed their public toilets to become a huge disgrace. Stay on top of things with routine toilet maintenance checks.

Clean Your Toilet Tank

Your toilet tank will suffer from many unwanted problems if you go without cleaning it for too long. Left unchecked, your tank will develop metal stains, mold, bacteria, mildew, thick layers of scale and more over time.

If you have a dirty toilet bowl tank, when the water gets flushed into the bowl it can make cleaning it very difficult. As a matter of fact, cleaning the tank is a simple way to ensure that the bowl itself stays clean.

Cleaning Your Toilet Bowl

Everybody prefers looking at a pristine, clean toilet bowl. You wouldn’t want guests to show up unexpectedly, ask to use the bathroom, and have to use a filthy toilet bowl to relieve themselves.

In all honesty, providing a hygienic bathroom for family members and friends is only one reason to keep your toilet bowl clean.

A dirty toilet bowl could lead to other potential nightmares. By keeping it clean, you’ll prevent clogging and corrosion. Having a clean toilet bowl also makes it easy to recognize when problems are about to occur.

One key to keeping it clean is to make sure your siphon jets are spotless. A mixture of water, baking soda, and vinegar will clean them right up.

For a truly pristine toilet bowl, look online to discover other toilet bowl cleaning tips.

Nobody ever wants to deal with severe plumbing problems. These helpful tips will help prevent disasters so you can avoid serious complications right now and for many years to come.