Perfect fashion accessories for moms

There are many amazing fashion accessories for moms
Photo by CC user Unsplash on Pixabay

Becoming a mom doesn’t mean you have to neglect fashion now and forever more, or that you should start to dress more demurely; society no longer expects its mothers to hide away or don ‘sensible’ attire, you know. Indeed, perhaps now more than ever it’s positively encouraged for moms to embrace fashion, and to discover styles that complement their changing shape and newly accepted role.

The ability to choose clothing, accessories and gadgets often inspire new moms to get out and about, and to go about their day in comfort and with confidence; be gone, shapeless baggy maternity wear, hello momma! Additionally, the right kinds of accessories can make parenting even easier, ensuring that moms never miss a trick when it comes to feeding, changing and socializing.

Accessories for fashion-conscious moms

Whether you’re a new mommy shopping for yourself or a concerned friend or relative hoping to remind a recent addition to the motherhood club that they’re still stylish, there are several accessories that are considered absolute musts these days. Soft, cozy layers, clothing with easy access for nursing babies, supportive lingerie, and capsule wardrobes are definitely in, so how can a new mom dress her outfit up without compromising comfort or convenience?

Diaper bags

Yes, a diaper bag can be considered an accessory, particularly in an age when many diaper bags are as glamorous as the handbags non-moms are carrying. Indeed, maternity retailers know new moms want to look stylish when stepping out with their baby, but also need plenty of space for baby’s essentials. Hidden pockets, integral changing mats, and bottle warmers are all very useful so long as the diaper bag doesn’t look like an army knapsack for a mom.

Maternity retailers know that diaper bags are big business, and so choosing one by category has never been simpler; whether you want a bag that could be used as a handbag once mommy duty is done, a bright and bold number that’s miles removed from what you’d normally go for, or something a little more discreet, you’ll find it with relative ease.

Teething jewelry

If, pre-baby, you enjoyed dressing up any outfit with dangly earrings, chunky necklaces, and bold bracelets, it probably came as a shock when your little one decided that he or she liked them too – and forced you to stop wearing them; pulling, twisting, and chewing on jewelry are commonly listed amongst babies’ favorite pastimes, and it can be frustrating, not to mention dangerous, when a teething baby discovers your accessories for the first time.

However, if your baby has recently decided your necklaces and bracelets are the best toy in the world, there’s no need to abandon jewelry altogether. Teeth jewelry, made from chewable, non-toxic materials, can be a great addition to your wardrobe, and help with teething; think statement pieces, feminine beads, and chunky contemporary designs and you can’t go wrong.

Scarves and shawls

When it comes to choosing the day’s outfit there’s a good chance you have a favorite few items that you always turn to; soft and cozy jerseys, tailored pants or a light, breezy skirt are up there with other moms’ wardrobe staples, and it can be very difficult to stray too far from this proven formula when you’re getting dressed for the day ahead. If you feel comfortable and look presentable, where’s the harm in wearing the same things time and time again?

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the same clothes, especially if you’re comfortable, it can be tempting to forgo other fashion choices in favor of the devil you know.

So, how can you escape this cycle of boring, yet reliable, outfits? Statement scarves and shawls can be a great addition to any mom’s wardrobe, instantly dressing up plainer garments and adding a little bling to your look with minimal effort.

In addition, scarves and shawls are infinitely practical; breastfeeding moms can make good of draped fabric when they’re feeding in public, while those who may have burped their baby on their shoulder, or attempted to feed their child solids prior to leaving the house, will soon find that scarves can hide a multitude of sins and stains.

And finally…

While diaper bags, teething jewelry, scarves, and shawls may be up there with your key fashion choices and may come to be considered essentials, there are plenty of other accessories that you’ll be able to call upon on any given day. Becoming a mom doesn’t limit your style choices, but actually, it opens up a whole new world of clever accessorizing and dressing up for comfort and convenience.

Take watches, hats, and funky hair accessories, for example; not only do these items look great when worn with the right outfit, but they can also greatly assist your daily mom tasks.

Time-keeping, for example, is key when it comes to feeding your baby, remembering baby massage classes, and keeping in touch with friends and family via coffee and play dates, while hats and hair accessories can keep your hair away from baby’s grasping fingers and disguise all manner of bad hair days.

Are you worried that belts will draw attention to your problem areas? Think again; stretchy belts and those adorned with patterns and bling can encourage people to look towards your diminishing midriff rather than your hips, instantly slimming you down.

Finally, consider the ways in which jackets, blazers, and cardigans can be used. You’ll no doubt get warm running around after baby, so a lighter, easily-disposable garment that’ll store under your stroller is often a far better choice than a thick winter coat. Additionally, such items can, again, be used to hide stains or the bits of your body you’re less confident about, and could even be used to cover your modesty when breastfeeding.

From stroller accessories that will glamorize your ‘mom look’ and help you to stay organized and on time, to the fashion choices that will add bling to any outfit in seconds, learning how to manage your wardrobe into motherhood will ensure you keep your sense of identity long after your baby has arrived – and discover new ways to like the way you look.

You see, rather than restricting the fashion choices that are available to you, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood will actually open up a whole new world of opportunities, and introduce you to ways of accessorizing you’d never even considered before. The yummy mummy look is definitely achievable, with a variety of fashion accessories for moms being available; you may as well have fun with your look.