How can contact lenses improve your lifestyle?

Contact lenses can change your life ... photo by CC user איתן טל via wikimedia commons

For anyone who has made the switch from glasses to contacts, they’ll probably agree with wishing that they’d made the transition sooner. They can be something that some people are quite nervous to try, and it is true that they can be a bit fiddly and hard to get used to, but after a bit of practise it becomes second nature.

We’ve compiled a list of reasons as to why we think you should give contact lenses another go as they can greatly improve your lifestyle.

They’re ideal when you can’t/don’t want to wear your specs

Heading to the beach? Hopefully you’ve been able to get your prescription into your favourite pair of sunnies. That’s usually not that likely, but with contacts you don’t have to worry about that – you can buy any pair of sunglasses you like! Likewise, if you simply want to head out but don’t want your glasses to get in the way of your eyes doing the talking, contact lenses are the ideal solution.

Once they’re in, they’re in for the day!

Though they can take some getting used to for some individuals, the great part about contact lenses is that once they’re in, they’re in; it’s something you only have to think about once a day. You don’t have to worry about cleaning them, putting them down and losing them, sitting on them…etc. They’re actually a really practical solution once you get the hang of them.

They’re ideal for use in sports

If you’re really into your sports, you’ve no doubt experienced the struggle of attempting to see whilst your glasses fly off as you do your thing. This is one of the biggest pluses of opting for contact lenses over specs – they don’t put any limitations on you and work to fit in with your lifestyle and who you are. They’re especially popular with swimmers too, as they mean you can wear your favourite pair of goggles and still be able to see perfectly.

They’re a good aesthetical choice

One for the ladies, but there’s nothing worse than when you’ve done a full face of makeup and then it looks completely different when you put your specs on! This is one of the reasons some people prefer contact lenses in terms of the way they make you look and feel. Everyone’s different, but they’re a strong aesthetical choice for some, especially when it comes to things like very formal or special occasions. You can even go one step further and change the colour of your eyes with coloured contacts!