5 factors that hit our weight (without us even realizing)

There are many factors that hit our weight
Photo by CC user FatM1ke on Wikimedia Commons

It’s a problem that has been highlighted for years, yet it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Obesity has gripped the nation and despite the umpteen initiatives that have been run by the authorities, there haven’t really been the mammoth improvements that are needed.

Unsurprisingly, it’s meant that doctors are starting to recommend more modern paths, such as bariatric surgery.

One of the reasons why the obesity situation doesn’t seem to be on the mend is because many of us just don’t understand the reasons behind our weight gain. While we might be fully aware about “eating too many calories”, there are actually a lot of other reasons which can impact our waistline.

We’ve summarized five of the most interesting factors that hit our weight to give more light to the situation.

There’s a lot of bad information out there

While some sources may not intend for their information regarding nutrition to be “bad”, it most certainly contradicts a lot of other sources. This means that there is an absolute maze of information being portrayed across to us and really, we no longer know what is good for us.

For example, in the case of diabetics, some sources will recommend consuming lots of carbohydrates, while others will suggest the opposite. It begs the question, what is correct?

There are a lot of shady marketing tactics

On the subject of the information which is being put out there, let’s make a point about marketing practices in the food industry.

While some countries have clamped down on companies which sell unhealthy food, a problem still exists. Many call it unethical, especially as many of these companies are targeting children with their fast food ad campaigns.

Weight gain can be a side effect of certain medications

Unfortunately, there are plenty of occasions where weight gain might not actually be the fault of the individual. Instead, it might have occurred because of something else, such as a pharmaceutical drug.

While we’re not going to list all of the drugs which can cause weight gain, if you are on something that treats depression or diabetes there is a chance that you might put on more weight as a result.

Usually, the effect is that they make the body store more fat, which has the obvious consequences.

Some genetics are wired towards obesity

Again, this is just “one of those things”. Like it or not, genetics have a part to play in weight gain. If you have a family history of obesity, the chances of you becoming obese suddenly shoot up (by huge percentages, we should add).

Sure, you can certainly overcome this and stay on top of your weight, but it can be much harder than it is for other people.

People process foods differently

The previous paragraph leads us perfectly to this last point; different people will process foods in different ways. You might eat the same as someone else, but the two of you might put on completely different amounts of weight.

Each body has a set point (the amount of weight it should stick to) and suffice to say, this makes the weight loss journey of some people very difficult indeed.