European River Cruises Booming in Popularity

With airfares on the rise, a growing number of Brits are embarking on river cruises during their summer holidays. From the incredible scenery of the Douro to the rich history of the Danube, river cruises make it easy to soak in a destination without the hustle, bustle, and rapid pace of a traditional holiday.

From comfort to culture, read on to learn why European river cruises are becoming the hottest new holiday trend.

 1. River cruises deliver a personal experience

When you hear the word ‘cruise’, what pops into your mind? For most people, it’s an image of gigantic cruise ships with thousands of passengers, little in the way of local culture, and a ‘one size fits all’ holiday experience.

River cruises couldn’t be more different. Step aboard a small boat with attentive and caring staff. Enjoy authentic cultural experiences at real destinations. Stop at some of the continent’s most impressive cities.

While we might associated cruises with large ships and generic service, a European river cruise delivers a personal, authentic experience that no other type of holiday could hope to match.

 2. River cruises aren’t turbulent or uncomfortable

Step aboard a cruise ship and, depending on your route, you could either sit back in comfort or fight the effects of seasickness. While large cruise ships have waves and weather to worry about, river cruises enjoy a peaceful and serene journey.

Retreat to your cabin for a relaxing journey or spend your time on deck, reclining in your chair and enjoying the view. Far from the big waves and turbulence of the open sea, river cruises are the ultimate in relaxing cruise holidays.

3. River cruises take you to great local attractions

While most cruise ships stop at crowded resorts, European river cruises bring you to some of the continent’s most remarkable cities. From Budapest to Cologne, stop at important historical and cultural hotspots as you travel across the continent.

Whether you’re exploring the remarkable Portuguese city of Porto or the beautiful capital of Austria in Vienna, the large network of rivers that travel across Europe give river cruises an unlimited range of incredible destinations.

4. River cruises put you right in the middle of the action

Have you ever gone on an exotic holiday, only to feel that you weren’t quite getting an authentic experience? From resorts to tourist-focused districts, it’s easy to end up in the ‘tourist traps’ when you travel by yourself.

Instead of taking you to the same old tourist hotspots, river cruises put you right in the middle of the action as you explore Europe’s finest destinations up close. Get a close-up view of castles, vineyards, and historic cities as you travel across Europe.

Image:  From Portugal to Hungary, European river cruises are a great way to see the continent.