Culture and Nature Trips in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia is one of the most famous tourist destinations for both eastern and western travellers. The lovely beaches, exotic culture and friendly people make for a wonderful vacation for gap year travellers, honeymooners and even expats seeking for that perfect spot in Southeast Asia. When in the place, be sure to pay the following places a visit, since they are well worth it as they bring you closer to understanding the culture and history of the place and enjoying the famous beaches therein.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

This place is where you can get to visit the whole of Indonesia – as in the 27 provinces – without having to ride a bus or travel. How so? Well, this 300 acre park is by no means a common one. One of the first things that you will notice once you step foot inside the park are the various buildings which are actually replicas of the different abodes from each province or ethnic group in Indonesia. Inside the buildings are various artefacts and ornaments from the said groups. So by staring at the buildings from the outside and upon stepping inside them, you can basically see and somewhat experience the different cultures of the beautiful country. Aside from that, you can also enjoy various things in the parks like the swimming pool and the restaurants. Of course, a walk in the park is also a great way to spend the day.

Old Batavia

This part of Jakarta is from the Old Dutch era. There are many historic buildings in the place. Some of the ones worth visiting are the Dutch Government Headquarters. It has beautiful furniture inside and an antique Portuguese canon in the backyard. Do note that taking pictures inside are not allowed (although you may see some locals doing so, with flash even). The canon is somewhat of a legend, as the story goes that this genital shaped cannon has helped many men and women with their fertility problems. There is also the museum that contains mostly pottery, some of which are quite simple and are ages old, as well as other museums in the area that are worth a look, and don’t miss the Café Batavia, a Dutch inspired café, is also a good place to dine after walking around the place.

Thousand Islands

There are over 120 tiny islands located in the Bay of Jakarta, and they are some of the most famous diving and snorkelling spots not only in Jakarta but in the whole of Indonesia, so don’t forget to bring your swimming gear. You can also go sailing in the waters and have a fun time island hoping as many of these are quite near each other. There are various species of tropical fish and multicoloured corals to see in the area. Some of the islands are fully developed and aimed at enticing more visitors like the Pulau Bidadari and Pulau Putri. You can enjoy a scrumptious meal at the many cottages and restaurants in the area, some of which are located by the beach side and under the coconut trees.

Jakarta, Indonesia is a beautiful country that is rich in culture and blessed with natural gifts – and these two things alone should be more than enough reasons to go visit the place.

Photo by thebigdurian on Flickr