6 Tips for a Romantic Road Trip

This summer, many couples are going on road trips rather than flying off to exotic destinations. Even though your first class tickets have been exchanged for a front-row seat in your own car, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic vacation

Here are 6 great tips for a romantic road trip

1. Bring a Polaroid Camera

Memories fade, but a picture lasts forever. A picture can bring back feelings and emotions from a certain moment you shared together and is a great way to keep the memories alive. 

Bring a polaroid camera to capture the most special and romantic moments. Unlike a digital camera, every shot taken with a polaroid camera counts. That makes the pictures intentional and thoughtful, capturing romantic moments in an authentic and real way. Find inspiration for romantic motives on picture sites like Pinterest

2. Prepare the Car

The first step before going on your romantic road trip is getting the car ready. You don’t want to take off in an old, dirty, and dusty car, making extra stops for car maintenance on the way – that’s not romantic. 

If you’re not sure if the car is going to make it, maybe it’s time to replace it. Get a good offer on a car loan, no matter if you’re buying a new or a used car. 

3. Plan Your Route

Winging a road trip is never a good idea but at the same time, you want the freedom and flexibility to go wherever you like – which is one of the things that makes vacation on the road romantic. 

Decide which destinations you want to stop at in advance and research if there are any closed roads or difficult routes along the way. Use a GPS that’s up to date. Your partner can check for any traffic notifications along the way. 

4. Romantic Destination

If the trip is meant to be romantic, you should make plans to stop at romantic destinations. What is romantic is, of course, individual and often associated with memories, but here are some of the things that are usually thought of as romantic:

  • Panoramic view
  • Sunsets
  • Candles
  • Sparkling drinks
  • Three-course dinner
  • Shared dessert
  • Rustic lodges

In the end, any place you can enjoy each other’s company and bask in your shared love is a romantic place. 

5. Timing

What’s certainly not romantic is rush hour. Getting up early to drive isn’t always going to be a good idea, because you might get stuck in traffic. At the same time, you don’t want to drive around in the middle of the night either when everything is closed and there are roadworks.

Aim to set off around mid-morning or early afternoon. This will give you plenty of time to get refreshed and ready for the journey ahead. Remember, you are supposed to enjoy the time on the road. 

6. Enjoy Your Time Together

Road trips are a wonderful way of enjoying one-on-one time together, at the same time you’re stuck in a car together for hours at the time. It’s always a good idea to think about how you can enjoy every moment together and what you can do to take each other’s need into consideration. 

Some conversation starters or fun car games can be helpful during those long hours on the highway. If you’re celebrating an anniversary during the vacation, bring gifts and surprise each other on a given date. Book a special dinner along the route and plan activities you’ll both enjoy. 

You’re both in charge of making the road trip romantic and memorable and as a couple, you’ll know better than us what makes a vacation on the road romantic. Happy holidays!