Essential Tips for a Successful Campervan Travel Tour

Campervan Travel

Campervanning has become a popular trend recently thanks to televised series like Big Time RVs and Extreme RVs.  With a well-optimised campervan, you could spend weeks in the wild and still not miss home.

If you are new to campervan travel, you will find that the thrill comes with its limitations and responsibilities. This article is a short guide for your first campervan trip.  

Consider Buying a Four-Wheel Drive

If you’re planning to tour places with decent roads, a two-wheel drive will get you through the trip without any hitch.  If you plan to go off-road and tour the wild at some point during the trip, you may want to consider getting a four-wheel drive. They are best suited for handling the rough trails and driving experience of the wild.

Ensure You Have All the Necessary Items in Your Gear

The first thing you should do when you pick up your campervan is to conduct a thorough check. You don’t want to get stranded in the wild due to a faulty vehicle. Make sure you have anything you may need and that the van is in good condition.

Reassess your needs and go through your checklist again before leaving. Consider heading to the store if need be. You need to be totally prepared and with the right items for the trip before leaving civilization.

Keep it Minimal

Unless you are travelling with a mega-camper that affords you a lot of space, you need to be conservative when packing. Take only the things you truly need and organise them appropriately to conserve space. The things you may need the most such as wash kits and can openers should be kept within reach too to avoid unnecessary unpacking and re-packing.

Choose Your Destination Carefully

Campervanning is sometimes tricky. You will see a lot of good sites that might feel just perfect for camping, but you have to look out for false positives. It may be best to keep to the popular and government approved campsites, but you can extend the flair by being spontaneous.  Just make sure you have access to water, a good parking space, a reasonable level of security, and van insurance.

Bring Someone You Really Like Along

Keep it in mind that you are going to be in tight quarters before deciding on the right company for the trip.  If you are travelling with family members, a pet, or your partner, make sure you like the person a lot. If you are not comfortable sharing personal space with anyone, best to go alone on the trip and maybe spend your time with fellow travellers along the way.

Coping with Temperatures

Depending on your destination and the season of the year it is, you might want to make sure you are prepared for extreme temperatures. Go with a well air-conditioned van and also carry enough bottled water. Bring warm blankets along and some hot water bottles for the cold too.

Stay Organized

If you want to enjoy your trip without getting irritated or frustrated, you need to be well-organized. Before you head out, map out a place or spot for everything and ensure you keep to the order. Remember to take into account rough trails and keep all fragile items in secure spots. You may want to find a place for your boots. You certainly don’t want your van getting messed up with dirt and soil.

Final Words

You need to remember that life in the wild is unpredictable so plan for every possible circumstance. Tell a family member where you are heading to in case something goes wrong. Make sure your smartphone is fully charged and keep all emergency numbers on quick dial.

As a bonus tip, take the campervan for a test drive before commencing the journey. Remember to have fun, take a lot of pictures and share your incredible campervan experience with friends and family members.