Travel Inspiration For The Over Fifties

While many of us might wish to return to our youth, being over fifty for many is a truly golden era in life. Financial freedom, time to spare and fewer responsibilities, now that children have grown and left home, all come together to make this period in life a perfect opportunity for travel and adventure for those who want it. 

Transatlantic cruise ship pool by victoriajz via flickr (creative commons)
Transatlantic cruise ship pool by victoriajz via flickr (creative commons)

Many people of all ages don’t have a clue when it comes to travel. Most of us have been on holiday, but traveling is a different thing all together. It can be daunting, if you’ve never done it before, even more so if you’ve reached a certain age and perhaps feel a little more vulnerable than you once did but it needn’t be so.

There are various ways you can travel the world without sacrificing safety or comfort and for even more peace of mind you can even get a specific over 50’s travel insurance policy to cover your trip.


Taking a cruise is a wonderful way to see the world. With many wonderful itineraries that span both countries and continents, you can see the world with all of the comfort and luxury you could imagine. The great thing about the cruise is it’s almost like having a hotel you can travel with. You can leave your luggage and expensive belongings in the safety of your room, yet go on exciting day trips in various countries. It’s the perfect way to experience adventure without sacrificing comfort.


Similar to cruises there are many train tours you can do which stop in many places within one country or even travel through various countries stopping along the way for you to experience holidaying in several different places. One of the most famous trips of this kind is the trans-Siberian rail journey, which can be any section of the route between Moscow and the Sea of Japan. Luxury private train operators offer wonderful itineraries along this route with wonderful private accommodation and plenty of incredible stops along the way. This is one of many train trips you can do.

Trans-Siberian train (Creative Commons)
Trans-Siberian train (Creative Commons)

Organised tours

Unlike your classic package holiday which is one trip to one place, an organised tour is a exciting and adventurous way to travel to many places on one trip, without needing to worry about all the organising and detail. Again you can book tours that focus on one country or that span several countries with all travel and accommodation organised by the tour operator so you needn’t worry about doing it yourself. A trip like this will be a little more expensive than traveling solo but for sure you’ll see and experience things that you otherwise wouldn’t outside of an organised trip.

So next time you find yourself using your age as a reason not to travel the world, think again. There are many convenient, safe and even luxurious ways to travel the world in style.