Enjoy Some Great Sports in Chicago

If you like sports then you will love Chicago. This is a city where locals support their teams with a passion and where it is easy to get caught up in the atmosphere of a game. In fact, it has been named several times as the best city in the US for sports. If you like to enjoy some sports while you travel then the following are a few of the top things you can do in this amazing city.

Watch Baseball

The city is home to 2 popular baseball teams; Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox. These are both historic teams whose history dates back well over a century. If you love to root for the underdog then the Cubs might be your preferred team. They are known as The Lovable Losers because of their record of going longer than any other big team without winning the World Series, although maybe this year will finally be the year in which they break their jinx. The White Sox play the Cubs each year and the occasions are often tense affairs, with one game in 2006 famously involving a fight on the field of play.

Enjoy Football

The Chicago Bears is one of the most famous of all the football teams in the US. Their Soldier Field stadium is located out next to Lake Michigan and if you get the chance to take in a game it can make for a fantastic day out. Anyone who is from abroad and doesn’t understand the game would be well advised to check out the rules first of all and be prepared for a long day out with a lot of thrills. Chicago Force is a ladies football team operating in the city as well.

Basketball Action

If you prefer the idea of seeing some basketball while you are in Chicago then you won’t go home disappointed. The Chicago Bulls are a powerful side with a proud history. Among their past achievements are 6 NBA championships and some great records. Michael Jordan was the main man in the past but a day out to see a game now will let you see today’s heroes and soak up a special atmosphere at the United Center. Meanwhile, Chicago Sky is the newer but increasingly popular ladies basketball team in the city.

Ice Hockey Entertainment

Ice hockey is another hugely entertaining sport you could enjoy while in Chicago. The Chicago Blackhawks and the Chicago Wolves are the teams you could follow while you are in town. There are few better days out than a trip to the ice hockey arena, and this could be a fantastic way to have some fun and mix with the locals. Before you head off to the city of Chicago it is a good idea to think about the sporting action you most want to see. You can then go onto a site like HostelBookers.com and find good value accommodation close to the stadium or arena you are going to be visiting.

Photo by lindenbaum on Flickr