5 Signs You Have a Travel Addiction

Be honest. Do you spend your days dreaming about your next travel escapade or you are the type of person who loves to be spontaneous and go to places you have never been before during weekends? If you answered yes to these questions, then there’s a possibility that you’re a travel addict!


Do you have a Travel Addiction?

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Here are the 5 signs you have a travel addiction:

1. Day Dreaming Across the Globe

Maybe you constantly picture yourself walking down the streets of London, or thought of having a wonderful vacation in Maldives. Daydreams are considered to be one of the few ways on how you can access the worldwide adventure that you’ll soon enjoy. Who knows? Maybe you’d end up going to that place sooner than you imagined, simply because you’re a travel addict!

2. You Love to Look at Travel Photos

Have you ever caught yourself staring at a postcard or a friend’s travel picture on Facebook? What we’re saying is, you don’t simply check it for a couple of seconds, but you always end up locking your eyes on these pictures for a long time, wondering why you’re not there. You have a mindset that if you cannot afford this journey, the closest you can have a visual example of it, and appreciate the beauty of the place.

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3. You Love to Check Airfares

Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, it has become convenient to check the airfare rates and snag the cheapest one you can find. For those who consider themselves as travel addicts, there’s a possibility that you’re one of those people who makes sure to grab the cheapest deal available, right when you see it. You’re already a pro when it comes to this, and you know where to find the best airfare in the confines of the Internet. It has been your daily habit to check your favorite airline websites every now and then.

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4. You Collect Travel Souvenirs

Most people chose to be subtle about their love of travel, but there are those who are genuinely proud of it, and you are one of them. You actually enjoy wearing a country’s flag on your shirt. Once you become caught up in the joys of traveling, it’s difficult to resist the temptation of not bringing something home that would remind you of your recent travel escapade. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sweater, a key chain, or a stationery set, as long as you’d be able to have something connected to that place; that will make you feel very happy.

5. You Have a Travel List

Perhaps, the ultimate sign that you are a travel addict is that when you often write a travel list– plenty of it. Say, you have a list of your favorite countries, together with a couple of lists about what you’re going to do when you visit those places. Maybe you also have a list why you love these countries so much. The list goes on, and you feel a sense of accomplishment whenever you manage to go to these places.

So, what’s the verdict? Are you a travel addict? Enjoy your upcoming trip!