Embrace the LG G5’s Modular Design with a Flexible Skin

The era of modularity is upon is, and it all started with the LG G5. It modular technology is supposed to be the basis of an enhanced mobile experience, giving you the chance to swap out accessories as you see fit. Unfortunately, these opportunities are few and far between, as LG only made a handle of modules and have no plans to make more – which means the occasion to customize your phone is severely limited. Luckily, there are ways to get around LG’s mistakes, and it’s with an accessory of your own: a LG G5 skin.

The new LG G5 has a new modular design that is turning heads

Skins go by a few names, including wraps and decals. Whatever term you prefer, they mean the same thing: they’re made out of high-quality pieces of vinyl in unique colors and textures. You have the choice of picking from a huge selection of skins for your LG G5, mixing and matching each of the 4 pieces that make up the average decal until you’ve arrived at a design that’s distinctive to your tastes. Embrace your inner creative to combine wood, metallic, carbon fiber, and matte colors in a pleasing way. Take inspiration from your home, your closet, or your favorite comic book character.

As you’re searching out the best color combos, keep an eye out for LG G5 wraps that do more than enhance the look of your smartphone. Look for those skins that can protect the G5 as much as personalize it. After all, this particular model is under unique stressors that open it up to even more wear and tear than the average cellphone. The detachable bottom bezel is the access point for LG’s swappable modules, and it can be an awkward process to release it. That – plus the normal situations that threaten the phone – makes it a magnet for scratches, dents, and scuffs.

With a G5 decal wrapped around the entirety of the phone, you’ve created a durable barrier between the outside world and its body. Even if you’re less than careful while swapping out your friends, you won’t have to worry about scratching the bottom bezel. It stands up to sharp objects and rough handling, and its texturized, grime and water resistant material makes it easier to hold and clean. With added traction, your hands will have more to grip onto so it’s less likely to slip through your fingers.

Complete protection can only come when the skin has been specially made for the G5, so be sure to look out for precision cut decals. Don’t settle for anything but a fit that matches the phone down to the micro-millimeter. With a wrap like that, your G5 will be as protected as it is personalized.