Do You Truly Know Your Neighbors?


Whether you have lived in a certain neighborhood for decades or you just recently relocated to there, how well do you know the neighbors around you?

Unfortunately, too many people don’t know the person next door to themselves, let alone those across or down the street.

With that being the case, you could have one or more people living in your neighborhood that have had their share of run-ins with the law over time. While some may be no threat whatsoever to you and/or your family living with you, others could pose a danger to you and your loved ones.

Another reason you want to know those around you is when the inevitable emergencies come to pass.

Whether it is a serious illness, a fire or severe weather occurrence etc. there may come that time when you all have to help one another out. By having a little bit more of a relationship than just recognizing a face, you can assist those around you and vice-versa in times of need.

Even though knocking on each person’s door and getting their history is of course not feasible, there are some ways you can be better in-tune with those living around you.

So, how well do you truly know your neighbors?

Be Informed and Alert

So that you are able to rest a little better each night when you go to sleep, keep these tips in mind for knowing your neighborhood a little bit better:

  • Doing your homework – Although your time is likely as valuable as the next person, if you are intrigued and/or concerned about one or more individuals living around you, you could consider doing a public records search. Such a search can turn up details on individuals such as criminal record history. In the event the individual has a criminal record that is more than just failure to pay a traffic ticket or two, you’d likely want to know that. Also keep in mind that just because someone has a criminal record, it does not necessarily mean they are an impending threat to you and/or your loved ones. Knowing their criminal background will at least allow you to be more aware of them and also what you may need to do to feel better protected;
  • Make yourself known – While you do not want to be that busybody neighbor most people can’t stand, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself when you move into a new area or new people move in around you. By having at least a cordial relationship with those around you, you are better off than being total strangers. This is particularly true if there are any kind of neighborhood emergencies etc. You might even end up exchanging phone numbers at some point, yet another plus should an emergency crop up that help is needed from others.

Sharing Different Interests

  • Sharing with others – Another reason you shouldn’t hesitate to get to know your neighbors is if you and they and/or your kids have some common interests. Besides likely attending the same school district, your kids may be involved in sports, church activities etc. Over time, having the kids bond is beneficial on several fronts, notably making it easier for them to get through some of those tough teen years etc. As for you, having some other adult friends in the neighborhood can also prove beneficial. Lastly, if there already is not a neighborhood watch program in your area, consider starting one with some neighbors. Before long, you will find that protecting lives and properties is something you likely share with many people right around you.

Your home should be the last place where you feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

Take some time to know exactly who is living around you.

By doing so, you should find one less thing to worry about at night before your head hits the pillow.