10 Secrets Locksmiths are Not Telling You

Photo by CC user Andrea Kirkby on Flickr.

Think the home is safe and secure inside and out is one thing, but a good locksmith can say quite the opposite. After all,they are the experts in getting into a locked and secure home, and working with items such as home safes. So their profession is to know more about how to keep homes secure, than anyone. So, let us take a look at a few secrets about home security that only a professional locksmith could relate to. Surprises ahead!

1. Deadbolts aren’t Always that Secure

Deadbolts that have been self-installed are not always as secure as one might think, especially if longer screws were not used to install the face plate on the door frame, thus weakening it. Also a small deadbolt with a short strike is ineffective to a determined thief.

2. Keys Can in Most Cases be Copied

A key can be stamped with the phrase “do not duplicate” but this doesn’t mean they won’t ever be copied. Unless a key cutter can see a stamp from the government or other such marking, he or she may very well duplicate any key brought to the shop.

3. Is that Safe Closed Properly?

When closing the home safe, spin the dial, click the button, turn the handle, and make sure it’s closed properly and can’t be opened. If in W. Australia and in need of a Perth locksmith, use only the best. Different models of safes work in different ways, and how it gets locked may not be the same as another. Get familiar with the one at home.

4 – Try the Door!

Yes, go on! Many locksmiths have gone to houses and found the door opens with ease! (But they will understandably still charge for the call out)

5 –The New Home

When buying a new house, always have the locks rekeyed. Otherwise, there’s probably a master key out there that can easily open all doors in the home.

6 – If the Key won’t turn, try WD-40 or Silicone Spray

Sometimes the pins get jammed up, and a quick squirt can solve the problem.

7 -It’s not that Difficult to open Low Cost Locks from Big Stores

Most are manufactured by big names, but to low standards. Look for at least a grade 2, for some peace of mind.

8 – More than Once

Don’t feel bad if having to call out a locksmith twice in a short span of time. After all, business is business.

9 – If Locked out, Please Call Just One of Us!

Locksmiths can tell stories about somebody who called out more than one of them. If this occurs, most locksmiths will agree to leave the inconsiderate caller to themselves.

10 – Don’t Believe a Car Dealer who says only He can Duplicate Keys

In most cases, a locksmith who specialises in automotive work can make a key—usually cheaper. Action Lock are renowned, and reputable locksmiths in the Perth region, contact them for quality performance.


It also makes sense to keep a respectable locksmith’s number ready at hand in the cell phone’s emergency numbers. You just don’t know when you might need one!