Distribution Tips for New Business

As a new business, there are so many challenges faced in the beginning stages of establishing your start up, it can be difficult to know what to prioritise. One of the key areas which you should definitely make a priority is how you’re going to organise your distribution as this is crucial to making your business a success. Here are some top distribution tips for your new business to ensure this is an area you get right:

Offer a Variety of Delivery Options

The only week to keep up with the competition in the current climate is by offering a wide variety of different delivery options. Take a look at the type of delivery options your main competitors are offering and see what you can afford to offer. Depending on your industry, it might make sense to offer same day delivery, as this is one of the most desirable delivery options of the moment.

Use an Experienced Courier

A crucial thing to do when it comes to organising your distribution is to ensure that your business is working with an experienced courier service to make sure your delivery service is first rate. Using a service like the one offered by TNT means that you can ensure customers receive their deliveries on time and in great condition. It also means that you’re able to offer a wider range of delivery options, helping to keep your customers happy and encourage them to return to shop with you again.

Start Small

Whilst it’s important to offer a wide range of delivery options, it’s important to consider budgets too as a start-up business you don’t want to end up splurging too much on things like an international delivery service if you’re only reaching out to local customers at the moment. First build up a customer base then look to expand internationally once you have the financial stability to do so.

Invest in Quality Packaging

When it comes to packaging your deliveries, it pays not to scrimp. Although blame can lie with the courier you choose, ultimately customers will tar your business with the same brush. Always ensure parcels are packaged with enough padding and protection to make sure they arrive in great condition when they get to customers to keep customers happy. Additionally, investing in custom shipping boxes will help boost brand image and customer experience.

As a new business, your distribution is crucial to success. By following these tips you’ll be able to reliability organise your distribution network to keep customers happy and give your start up business the best chance of success.