Design Your Dream Office

Working from home can be a drag even at the best of times, especially when surrounded by distractions. Whether it’s the kids under your feet or the nauseating allure of daytime television, staying focused can be an impossible task. A dull office that lacks charm and character can drain you of ideas and prevents your brain from working. You need inspiration in your workplace, a comfortable, organised and creative space where you can lock yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.



A cluttered desk is a cluttered min. Take time to organise your work into manageable segments by using colour coded folder and post-it notes to keep your ideas in order. Modern desk tidies are widely available in most stationary retailers and free up space if your desk lacks drawers or storage options. Time for a new desk? Choose a contemporary glass desk that is bang on trend and will stand out in your modern business office. For a more practical option, choose a wooden desk that is ideal for storage and adaptable and versatile.

Wise Walls

Choose a décor that suits your profession. Following ancient aura beliefs, blues and greens are the colours of creativity whereas reds and pinks can cause stress and aggression. Plain colours can work well to avoid distraction but vivid wallpaper patterns can also inspire creativity. Add a whiteboard to your wall for a quick to-do-list to organise your daily work plan. Corkboards can also be helpful if you have a lot of small documents such as train tickets and receipts to organise.

Playing By the Book

Books and folders lying round your desk can limit space and affect your work progress. File them away in a modern bookcase where they will be easily available and clear up lots of space for your current projects and ideas. This is also a good way to preserve the work you’re proud of so it’s close at hand for interviews or future projects.

Let There Be Light


There’s nothing worse than a dingy office to zap away motivation. Invest in a few decorative lamps to cast light over your projects and help you focus in those long evening hours of the winter months. Experts have suggested that light and happiness goes hand in hand meaning that a well lit room will help pull you through those difficult papers.