How Much Can Your Tool Box Hold?


We all know that feeling – your latest tool purchase doesn’t fit in your tool box. You try and jam it in every which way, but it’s just not going to work. So what do you do? Do you have a sort out and throw some tools out? Of course not. You buy a bigger tool box! And so it goes on until you have a 72-incher full of professional mechanical tools.

But have you ever wondered what else you could fit in your tool box? Other than a lot of tools, I mean. How many cans of beans, for instance?

You’re not alone. The guys at S G S Engineering wondered the exact same thing too, so they actually had a go at stuffing various odd objects into their tool boxes. Apparently you can fit 1,238 cans of baked beans in a monster 33 drawer tool chest! Imagine what that many beans would do to you. But they didn’t stop there either. Take a look at how many DVDs fit in an 8 drawer tool box or how many pound coins fit in a heavy duty cantilever tool box.

Have you ever found something that wasn’t a tool or a tool-related object in your tool box?