Choosing the Right Energy Plan

Getting the right energy tariff and supplier means you can sit back, relax and save on your power bills. Here are a few top tips for getting it right.

  1. Check the Discount

There’s no use choosing a plan with discounts during off peak hours if you only use power during the peak times. Similarly, if you work antisocial hours a standard plan with fixed rates at all time of the day and night could be costing you more than a plan with reduced rates for off-peak usage.

Get to know your discount, if rates reduce at certain times of day it may be beneficial to plan energy use around this – for example use a delay start function on appliances to maximize savings.

Note: Peak and off-peak tariffs can only be made use of with certain electricity metres.

  1. Consider your Energy Usage

To really maximize potential savings, consider who lives in your house and how you use energy.

Couples: There may only be two in your home full time, but if you regularly have people over the lighting, temperature control and entertainment appliances can get a real workout.

Families with Kids: From baby monitors to teenagers playing video games, every extra person means more power usage.

Working hours: Working full-time can mean that power is in use during off-peak hours, check your meter type to see if you can make savings.

Home Business: If you work from home power usage can be high during the day.

  1. Check Available Energy Plans

Spend a little time researching the energy plans. When you find a few plan that may be suitable, don’t hesitate to call the energy company to double check. Many energy suppliers offer multiple plans, so have an idea of your energy usage before you call to get the most tailored advice.

  1. Read the Fine Print

As with any contract, read the fine print before signing on the line. Some energy plans offer discounts if you sign up to a lock-in period, while others offer flexibility. There’s little worse than thinking you’ve found the greatest deal, then getting stung by the details.

  1. Talk to Experts

It may not be the most interesting thing to chat about, but friends and family can be a huge help when choosing a company in terms of their service. Your home situation could be very different to that of family and friends, so talk to energy suppliers to make sure you get the best deal.

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Source: EnergyAustralia