Causes of Emotional Trauma in Nursing Homes

When the topic of nursing homes is brought up in some casual situations, you may be surprised to hear many people believe most of the residents are sad or depressed. Society, the media, and movies have all portrayed nursing homes as a living environment full of depressed or emotionally unstable individuals although it is not truly factual. The truth is many nursing home residents are happy and their loved ones feel safe with them under the care of the medical professionals on staff.

But as with anything in life, nothing is perfect and some nursing homes do cause emotional trauma to their residents. Nursing home abuse attorneys are well aware of these situations and have represented those who have fallen victim to this undeserved abuse. The following information will detail the common causes of emotional trauma in nursing homes and when you should seek the counsel of a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer.

Here are some examples of emotional trauma you can take action against in a court of law:

Undernourishment / Dehydration

Everyone knows how not getting the right food or amount of water can affect a young, healthy person, let alone someone who is dependent on others for nourishment.  Feeling helpless and thirsty or hungry for long periods of time can have detrimental emotional consequences. 


Nursing home residents are supposed to get an adequate amount of socialization time to keep their mental health in good standing. Leaving a resident in their room all day or not having any contact with them at all can leave them feeling isolated and shut off from the world. 

Verbal Abuse

One of the more common emotional abuse cases represented by nursing home abuse attorneys, verbal abuse can wear down the emotions of residents. These despicable acts must not go unpunished and the staff members must be fired and brought to justice. 

Too Much/Not Enough Medication

People of all ages take medication for their personality or mental disorders but in nursing homes the residents depend on the staff to keep their medication schedule routine. Any inaccuracy or blatant disregard to distributing medications can have severe effects.

All of the top Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers will give you a free consultation regarding these matters and thoroughly explain them as well. Don’t hesitate if you notice a change in your loved ones – call an elder care attorney today.