Best Ways To Use Coupons For Bigger Savings

Did you know that couponing dates back to 1880s? It was used by Coca-Cola to market their product – and it came a long way since then. In 2016, there were 307 billion coupons distributed in America, which resulted in billions worth of savings. 

Here’s the thing: despite the savings, you can get, only 2.2 billion coupons were redeemed. Some say they forgot about it while others simply don’t know how to use and maximize it. 

In case you got tons of coupons stashed somewhere, here are the best ways on how you can use those pieces of paper:

Use Coupons That Fit Your Lifestyle

You got tons of coupons that offer discounts on diapers, food, and milk, but do you really need them? One of the reasons why people don’t appreciate couponing is because they simply collect without checking if a certain coupon fits his lifestyle. 

To maximize coupons, make sure you get and keep those that you need in your daily living. Don’t force yourself to buy cartons of milk to “save money” if you are not a heavy milk drinker. Coupons to save on Miralax give you bigger savings, but what’s the point if you don’t have irritable bowel syndrome? 

The more personalized the collected coupons are, the more you will see the benefits it could bring every time you go shopping. 

Look For Coupons – Everywhere 

There are many places where you can get coupons. Your Sunday papers might be your first option, but you can get some on magazines or supermarkets as well. If you want to save yourself from collecting papers, then go online. There are tons of websites dedicated to coupons, which you might want to check out.  

If you are looking for a particular brand only, simply type “brand name + coupons” on the Search bar and you will find what you’re looking for. This way, you don’t have to bring coupon clippings with you every time you shop. The best part is you found these coupons while sitting in front of your computer. 

Coupons + Sale = More Savings

Coupons alone can help you save few dollars, which is not a bad thing. Combine coupons with sale items will yield higher savings, which is also a good thing. 

If you are looking for best ways to use coupons, then make sure you use it on sale items. You will be able to save more with the combined discounts you can get from both the coupon and sale. The key here is to find coupons applicable to your needs and hold on to that for at least a month. There is a possibility that the item with coupon you are aiming for is already on sale; hence bigger savings. 

Still, make sure to check on the terms on the coupons. Some retailers don’t allow this kind of combination, so make sure to check first if the retailer will allow this kind of transaction. 

Don’t Stick To A Particular Brand 

There’s nothing wrong with brand loyalty. In fact, sticking to a particular brand will make grocery shopping easier for you. 

Nonetheless, if you want to maximize your coupons, then consider switching from one brand to another. It gives you variety and at the same time, an option to avail a particular product at a discounted price using coupons. Simply check the supermarket near you and ask about the products where coupons can be honored. Doing so allows you to check what other supermarkets have to offer for bigger savings. 

Fresh Produce Has Coupons, Too

Couponing is associated with processed meat, household products, and other non-perishable items. Believe it or not, you can find coupons for meat or fresh produce as well. 

The key is to find retailers that require fresh meat on their product. For instance, cheese manufacturers give out coupons for ground beef – so you can use their cheese when you make a burger. You just have to be patient in looking coupons for fresh produce. 

Look For Freebie Coupons As Well

You know that coupons offer bigger savings, some even slashing almost or more than half from the original price. That’s fine since you get more value for your money. 

Still, look for coupons that offer freebies, too. Aside from the discounted prices, you can even bring something home, which you can use. Again, remember that go for freebies that fit your lifestyle. Even if a deal is a good deal, you’ll only put it into waste if you won’t even use the product. 

Use Coupons As Much As You Can 

Coupons can be a bit of a hassle not just for you but also for people behind the line. Instead of speeding up payment, you end up choosing and handing coupons to the cashier, which must be encoded in the system. 

Nonetheless, supermarkets would love it if you use coupons. It encourages them to stock up on particular products, which means they will order more from manufacturers. If customers like you see that the coupons on hand are honored in their store, then they will most likely shop there, which also means a bigger sale for them. 

It’s a win-win situation.