The Best GPS tracker for my fleet tracking system

The best GPS tracker for your fleet will provide you with many features; this is a list of the most important. A fleet tracking system will not only let you know where any of your fleet vehicles are at any one time, which also has its own positive security measures it will also provide data for you at the push of a button. So, what else will you want from your fleet tracking system. 

You will want it to be easy to use and all-inclusive. If your fleet travel out of the country, then you will obviously need it to work in other countries that your fleet may visit. The tracker can also manage fuel consumption and advise when you will need to refuel. This is one of the most economic and money saving features of the tracking system. 

It should also offer provide exact location in almost real time with a five or ten second delay as maximum. It should also record these locations so that they can be checked up to ninety days after the travel date this is called historic playback. This can be a benefit if there are any accusations about the vehicle and or its driver or route and have been used in criminal cases.

These devices can also facilitate communication between a driver and the control room. The devices will warn the driver if he is nearing or exceeding the speed limit which means that the driver has no excuse if he fails to slow down at this point. This means that a manager can also intervene at this point rather than after any damage is done. The system will also use a geographic framework to determine whether the driver has taken an incorrect turn or is lost.

The best tracking devices should be very simple to install and maintain and easy and quick to update to include new roads and new routes as they become available to the equipment. There should be an office to contact if you do have any queries or issues with the products and as always, the level of customer service should be good.

 Before you purchase, as with anything these days, it is wise to check the online ratings for the companies and products and to also check comments made by other companies. Ask the company for a contact list so you can speak to people who have used their products before. You must also check that the product and service you are being offered is competitive in the market place. 

As with all of these products things will change rapidly so you want to be looking for a product which is the top of technology and thus will last longer in terms of technological advancement. This might make the product a little more expensive initially, but it will be worth it so that you can future proof your fleet technology. You still do not want it to be ultra-exorbitant though, middle ground is usually the safest bet with these things.