BCFS Health and Human Services CSD’s Five Reasons to Consider Parenting Classes

BCFS Health and Human Services CSD has a close working relationship with parents. The organization helps children feel valued in tough circumstances, such as those surrounding the pandemic that they may be going through or just growing up in a digital, disconnected world. Parenting classes help families communicate more effectively while also increasing trust levels between parents and children. The organization suggests frequent parenting classes, whether a child won’t be born for another two months or is already 16. The organization offers five reasons parents can benefit from these classes.

  1. Classes help parents who have different opinions about raising kids. Parenting can be difficult when you’re not on the same page with your partner. Classes help two parents who are fighting about how to raise their children find common ground, set limits that they both agree upon without fighting and learn ways for presenting a united front. 
  2. Classes give parents tools and strategies for online safety. Instructors can teach parents and children how they can protect themselves from online predators. Many classes offer tips for managing screen time, setting up monitoring apps and navigating challenges with social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. 
  3. Parenting classes can help transition older kids into successful adults. Parents with teens can learn how to treat their kids as near adults and adjust their parenting style in a way that will resonate with older kids. 
  4. Young kids can greatly benefit from parents that are invested in their growth and happiness. Parenting classes for babies and toddlers provide parents with tips for setting rules, having fun, and creating safe and respectful environments.
  5. Parenting workshops give parents access to the latest groundbreaking research and tactics from child psychologists and behavioral therapists.