The big change: How to adapt your home ahead of your first child

We don’t need to state the obvious when it comes to having your first child; to say it is life-changing is almost an understatement.

At the same time, we don’t need to plant any obvious tips out there. You know the importance of blocking your power sockets and making sure that no little legs can get anywhere near your stairs – this has been published for years.

Something which isn’t quite as obvious comes in the form of making adaptations to your home to make it a bit more efficient. As you will soon find out, having a child doesn’t just result in sleepless lights, it means that all of the processes you have built in your home over the years tend to come tumbling down. Washing starts to pile up, the house becomes a mess, and before you know it you are left with mountains to do.

Of course, it’s not like this forever, but to make things a little easier during those initial few months here are some go-to tips to make your home more efficient.

Make sure your washer and dryer are in complete working order

We’ve already touched on the washing element of having a baby here. Your washing piles don’t just start to stack up because of your lack of time either; let’s not forget that you’ll suddenly have much more to do due to the sheer number of soiled clothes that new-born babies can create!

As such, make sure your washing and drying appliances are in complete working order. For example, if your washer only seems to work on cold washes, this is going to wreak havoc now your new-born has entered the picture. At the same time, you’ll struggle to hang and dry all of your clothes regularly, so take a look at Service Force tumble dryer repairs if this appliance is playing up.

If you don’t have a freezer, buy one

Next, we’re going to talk about a different appliance; your freezer.

Nowadays, more people have them, but if you don’t fall into this category you need to be purchasing one as a matter of urgency. In the lead-up to the birth of your child, you can start to stockpile home-cooked frozen foods and ultimately turn to them during those difficult months. Then, you can also freeze breastmilk, which can work wonders for the mother who just wants a bit of a break from proceedings from time to time.

You might have to declutter your kitchen

For years, you may have had a tortilla warmer or coffee machine on your kitchen surface. Now might be the time to consign one of these to a cupboard.

A lack of kitchen workspace can be a real blight on your cooking efficiency; and you’ll find such workspace diminishing as soon as you start having sterilizers, bottle racks and other baby equipment appearing. Start to prioritize what you really need up there, so you can work without cluttered surfaces.

Your spare room might have to become habitable

Finally, a lot of spare rooms have the habit of becoming store rooms. We don’t use them, and they tend to therefore attract a lot of things that we don’t often use. This needs to change with baby on the way.

Some parents will opt to rotate during a working week, just so one can at least go to their workplace with enough shuteye. On other occasions, this spare room might be used by a relative is coming over to help. Either way, it needs to be in full working order to facilitate this. If you leave it until baby is born, it’s going to feel like an impossible mission.