Audio Books For Self Development

Self development is a sensitive topic that all yogis face at some point of their yoga journey. Since yoga is not only a type of physical training, but a full system of spiritual practice and improvement, it is obvious that this aspect is going to pop up. Some people, though, start doing yoga only to improve their health and physical form, and become surprised when certain mental, emotional or spiritual issues rise after some time of regular practice. However, this happens and these issues need to be addressed properly. Here is where additional literature comes to the rescue.

Most yoga teachers know about this moment of truth when a beginner yogi faces certain mental, emotional or spiritual issues. These issues arise simply because the practice of pranayamas, mantras and other activities open the chakras, and if certain areas have problems, these problems with certainly go out. The yogi has three options in this case – to ignore the issues (which is not the best idea), to manage the issues as he/she considers appropriate (like going to a psychologist), or continue to follow the yoga path and learn what yoga recommends for the issues at hand. In the case when the third option is chosen, the yoga trainer can recommend some books that deal with the topic. Obviously, audio books are more convenient, so ask your yoga coach for the best self development audio books you can get to manage the issues you have faced.

There are certain cases when the issue or question are extremely personal or specific. therefore, the beginner yogi should first ask their coach and perhaps he will be able to get the answer immediately. This will save his/her time, because instead of reading tons of books trying to find the answer, the yogi will manage the issue instead. However, more often the situation is different – the area where the issues arise is rather profound, so most coaches recommend to read some literature on the topic in the first place, and only if the beginner yogi still feels that the questions are left unanswered, a more specific approach can be taken. Perhaps the coach can even recommend to address some yoga guru to find the answers needed.

Literature on yoga is pretty widespread and is usually easy to find; or one can order the books needed on corresponding websites. Only in rare cases the problem requires to look for some rare ancient text or something like that. For this reason, many popular books on yoga can easily be acquired in audio form, and the yogi can listen to them while commuting or doing house chores. This will definitely save some time that can be spent on yoga practice instead.