Amazing Tech for Extreme Activities in the Great Outdoors

You would describe yourself as an adrenaline junkie. You’d never back down from a heart-pounding challenge in the outdoors, whether it’s climbing up a rocky mountain or jumping off a cliff into the crisp waters below. If you’re planning on a going on an adventure any time soon, you may want to stuff some of this tech into your trusty backpack.


According to the expert Brendan Leonard, the greatest adventure tool that you can shove into your backpack during a mountain hike or climb is a smartphone. It comes in handy for navigation, photography, note-making and entertainment. The built-in flashlight can also help in a pinch.

Taking your expensive smartphone on a hike may feel like a risk. You’ll be walking on rough and uneven terrain, concentrating on keeping your footing. If you trip or make a misstep, you could drop your device onto the hard ground.

To keep your heart rate down, you should get a Prism screen protector as a safety precaution. The specific screen protector can withstand a hit from a hammer, so it can handle some abuse before showing any signs of damage.

You should also get custom fit skins for your gear before you grab a pair of your hiking boots and go out for your mountain trek. A high-quality vinyl skin will protect the back from scrapes and scratches. As a bonus, it will add a secure layer between your device and any dust you’ll be kicking around.

Mountain Biking:

Maybe you’re not going to make your way up a mountain slowly — maybe you’re going to rocket down the trails on your bike. If you want to get excellent footage of your high-speed expedition, you should think about upgrading your current smartphone to a Galaxy S10+.

The phone has incredible video stabilization that can perfectly capture your trip down narrow, rocky roads. Normally, the footage would be shaky and near indecipherable, and watching for too long can be nauseating. With the Galaxy S10+, all you have to do is change the camera settings to Super Steady and the results will look like they were shot by a professional film crew. You can see how well Super Steady works in YouTube tests while running and biking, like in the review by YouTuber Jimmy Is Promo.

Since you’ll want to keep two hands on your bike’s handles, you should look for phone mounts that work with the smartphone’s size and your personal budget. You’ll want something secure, so you don’t have to worry about losing your newest purchase in the woods.


So, you’re going on vacation to a tropical island and you’re hoping to explore the marine life up close. You wish you could take pictures of the scenery, but your usual phone won’t stand up to the saltwater. No matter how water-resistant your smartphone is supposed to be, it can’t come along for a dip in the ocean.

But there is a solution. Before you order up a pair of flippers and a snorkel, you should get a waterproof camera to snap amazing shots of life under the sea. An option like the Olympus Tough TG-5 is perfect for your needs because it’s hermetically sealed against moisture and it’s rated for underwater-use to depths of 50 feet.

You don’t have to carry your smartphone in a Ziploc bag and hope water doesn’t make its way inside. A camera like this can make it through your trip unscathed. As a security measure, attach a sturdy wrist strap so that you don’t accidentally lose your camera to the current.

Having modern tech in your back pocket can make your outdoor experience more rewarding. A smartphone can help you make your way up that mountainside by foot or record your way down its trails on a bike. A waterproof camera can capture the memories of swimming along the shimmering coast. All of these items can make your adventure even better.