2018 tips for spicing up your resume?

Whether you want to spice up your resume in 2018 because you’re not getting job interviews with the resume you have or you’ve decided to launch a job search, there are a few things you can do that should set you ahead of much of your competition. Here are a few ideas from Chicago accounting recruiters.

Jump aboard with accomplishments, and limit responsibilities

A surefire way to spice up your resume is to give more attention to what you accomplished in current and previous jobs rather than what you did. For example, virtually everyone in finance knows the general tasks an accounting manager undertakes. What’s more useful would be outlining how many departments you managed with how many employees, how much money new software you implemented saved the company or how you streamlined the reporting system to save the company 30 percent. In the process of describing these accomplishments, you provide insight into your responsibilities.

Chat with a recruiter

If you don’t have much experience with staffing agencies, you may picture them as old-fashioned places that focus primarily on filling low-level jobs. The reality is that they can be used to fill a diverse range of positions, even CEO or VP finance jobs.

One of the chief advantages of the best services is that they help candidates find the right positions, for example, by discussing goals and cultural fit. Another thing recruiters do is look at candidates’ resumes and offer suggestions for spicing them up. Perhaps your verbs need to become more assertive, or you could better quantify your accomplishments. Similarly, maybe the recruiter knows of a few firms that would respond well to someone who has a sleek and creative resume.

Often, people are too close to their resumes to know what truly needs changing. Recruiters at agencies such as Beacon Resources are knowledgeable people who have a vested interest in helping candidates succeed, so get in touch with an executive recruiter today.