10 Life Hacks To Get More Storage Space Out Of Your Home


It’s not unusual for a person’s home to become full of clutter after they’ve lived in it for many years. Many people like to update their wardrobes relatively regularly in order to keep up with the latest trends, and that can result in multiple piles of dirty laundry lying around on the floor. In addition, many people like to keep their eyes peeled for a bargain, and that can result in their homes becoming full of belongings. But when a house becomes full of clutter, it can become unsightly as a result, and a home can only provide optimum comfort if it looks neat and organised.

Moving to a new property provides the perfect opportunity to create a home free from clutter, and that often means storing things in storage units for a while such as those provided by a2b storage in Perth. Those who are looking for an effective storage solution should visit https://www.a2bremovalsgroup.com.au/storage-solutions/self-storage-perth/, but this article will offer ten tips on how to make the most of the space available at home.

Making Efficient Use of Space

Everybody wants their home to provide them with ultimate relaxation, but that’s not going to happen unless it’s kept neat and tidy. Here are ten great tips that homeowners may wish to take on board.

  • Use hangers for tall boots – Tall boots can take up a lot of floor space, but they don’t need to if they’re hung on hangers.
  • Store nail polish and makeup on a spice rack – This will not only save space, it’ll look great too.
  • Keep tweezers on magnets – Tweezers are easy to lose but they won’t be if kept on magnets.
  • Buy a high bed – Those who sleep on a high bed can keep a desk and a computer underneath it.
  • Buy a bunk bed for the kids – Instead of having two beds take up a lot of space, it might be better to use a bunk bed.
  • Have a spring clean – Throw things out that nobody has any use for.
  • Keep things in storage units – Storage units are a great way to store things that can’t be stored at home, and they’re usually very inexpensive as long as the right company is chosen.
  • Store things in the car – It may seem drastic, but there’s a lot of room in the car for things that are barely used.
  • Keep things at work – It might be better to keep work shoes and ties at the office rather than at home.
  • Make use of the space underneath the bed – Beds often have enough space to store the likes of suitcases and shoes.

If homeowners take the above tips on board, they could potentially create a lot of extra space at home. At the end of the day, most people feel much happier to return home from work if to a tidy property, and those who really need it can always rent a storage unit to store a huge amount of their belongings.