Why Wrist Candy for the Pandemic?

It’s been a long and distressing year, and it doesn’t look like an end to the pandemic is on the horizon. Many of us are staying home, hunkering down, and avoiding crowds. We aren’t dressing up as much, we may not be taking the time to fix our hair, and we aren’t paying as much attention to the details of our appearance, like putting on that tennis bracelet we used to wear all the time. It’s a shame because this is precisely when we should be slipping on some wrist candy and a pair of earrings, even if you aren’t going out.

Keep Looking Professional When Working From Home

Pre-pandemic, were you the one who was always beautifully dressed, complete with gorgeous accessories like a diamond tennis bracelet? If so, continuing to get spruced up and slipping on some jewelry can elevate your mood and remind you that life can be and will return to normal. If you dress as though you’re going to work in the office every day, whether you’re attending zoom meetings or merely working on your computer, you’ll feel more professional and more motivated if you are dressed for success. A diamond tennis bracelet is an ideal accessory – you can wear it with any outfit, and it’s sure to show up when you’re on that Zoom meeting and using your computer mouse to navigate spreadsheets and office memos.

Celebrate Survival

Fine jewelry makes you feel good. Studies have shown that wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry elevates your mood and gives you a sense of well-being. During this pandemic, we all need to practice self-care and give ourselves a boost. Break out that beautiful platinum tennis bracelet you’ve been keeping for a special occasion and wear it with your favorite sweater and yoga pants. Getting through the day or the week with a positive outlook during a pandemic is a special occasion. It deserves to be celebrated, so go ahead and slip on some of your favorite pieces of jewelry and turn Tuesday into An Occasion!

Why Not?

Many people believe a tennis bracelet should be reserved for dressier events or to wear with certain outfits. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A diamond tennis bracelet is timeless and classic, designed to be worn with anything from jeans and a sweatshirt to your best little black dress. So why not wear it every day when you’re stuck at home?

There are no fashion rules governing when or how you wear your tennis bracelet, and you can enjoy the sparkling beauty of your jewelry if it isn’t sitting in a jewelry box. There’s nothing that beats the feeling of slipping a strand of diamonds around your wrist and watching it capture and refract the light. You’ll find yourself enjoying how your wrist looks every time your text a friend, prepare a snack, or turn the pages of a book. So why not enjoy those little moments of satisfaction owning a thing of beauty gives you? During quarantine or stay-at-home orders, we should all take the time to enjoy every little thing that makes us happy, including wearing jewelry for no other reason than it’s beautiful.

Retail Therapy

We’re all indulging in retail therapy these days. First, we do some online shopping, browsing through thousands of things we’d love to have, then narrowing down to those few items we feel we can’t do without. Placing the order gives us a sense of both accomplishment and anticipation. When our package arrives a few days later, it’s almost like getting a present – on an otherwise ordinary day, suddenly a gift for ourselves!

Shopping for a diamond tennis bracelet is intense retail therapy. There are countless options to choose from, and when your tennis bracelet arrives, you immediately try it on and admire its beauty. SuperJeweler’s search feature makes it easy to find the perfect tennis bracelet. Consider buying one as a gift for someone special who has been facing the pandemic with grace and a great attitude to show your appreciation or give yourself a pick-me-up. We all deserve something special after getting through this year!

How to Choose Your Diamond Tennis Bracelet

With an endless array of styles available, choosing a tennis bracelet can be difficult. They’re all lovely in their way. Ask yourself when and where you’ll be wearing your bracelet after the pandemic is past and you are out and about again. Do you want a classic look for everyday wear? Something dramatic that will be a statement piece? Do you prefer delicate or bold? Once you know what style you’re interested in, consider the materials and craftsmanship.

What Metal Do You Love?

Diamond tennis bracelets are made of either gold or platinum. Both of these are durable precious metals with an alluring sheen. If you go with gold, you’ll pay slightly less than you pay for platinum and will have your choice of rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold tennis bracelets. You may want to go the classic route and choose the color of gold you wear most often, matching your new purchase to your wedding ring gold and other jewelry.

Perhaps you love the look of mixed metals and want to opt for a gold diamond tennis bracelet in a color you don’t already own. This is a great way to update your look and try out a new color option for your jewelry wardrobe. The latest jewelry trend is mixed metals, so you have many ways to wear your bracelet that will look fantastic.

Rose gold is the softest and most romantic shade of gold for a diamond tennis bracelet. It’s lovely against every skin tone and adds a soft, warm glow to your skin. The pink hue of a rose gold tennis bracelet adds charm to any style.

As the pandemic lingers, altering the way all of us live, don’t forget to pamper yourself with a bit of bling. A diamond tennis bracelet is an investment in yourself and an investment in the future. The value of gold and diamonds goes up over the years, and you can find great deals right now on tennis bracelets from online retailers who will ship directly to your door, no contact needed! One day, when you pass your diamond tennis bracelet on to your daughter or a cherished friend, you can tell the story of your “pandemic bracelet” and how it brightened a very bleak year.

By Nadine Fox, CMP