5 Ways to Show Off the New You

Have you recently had a new haircut, lost weight, or bought some new make-up that makes your skin look like it has been photoshopped? Then no doubt you are going want to show the new and improved you off to the world. Taking pride in how we look can affect our self-esteem and confidence dramatically. We can feel ten times more confident even just with a new outfit. If you’re struggling for ways to show off the new you, check out these ideas below, and remember – you’re gorgeous!

Professional Photography Experience
The ultimate way of showing off the new you is booking a photography experience from a studio such as Venture. The photographer can create a portfolio of photographs of you which you can post on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can keep the photographs to remind you of how great you look right now, at a later date. Why not hang the photographs up on your walls so you can appreciate your good looks and hard work on a regular basis?

women with hair in her face

Night Out
Call your friends and go on a night out. When you’re feeling and looking good about the new you, you’ll love dancing the night away, catching up with friends and meeting new people. Get your make-up done, paint your nails and put on a gorgeous outfit, then all that is left to do is strut your stuff.

A New Outfit/Wardrobe
If you’ve recently lost weight, a brilliant way to show off the new you and feel beautiful is getting yourself a new beautiful outfit or even a whole new wardrobe if you’ve lost a great amount. Choose clothes that compliment your shape and your skin colour. And don’t forget the shoes!

Meet up with friends
Do you have a few friends that you haven’t seen in a while? Use this as an excuse to meet up with them. Then they’ll notice how different the new you is and smother you with compliments. Arrange to meet up for a catch up over coffee or a dinner date. You can spend hours catching up on things that have happened since you last saw each other and show off about how successful you have been in improving yourself since you last saw them.

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Go and pamper yourself
One final way you can show off the new you is by going on a spa day, going to get your make-up professionally done, or going to get a manicure. These types of environments are full of glamorous women who are confident of themselves and take pride in the way they look. So you’ll fit right in and be able to discuss the transformation you made to become the new and improved you.