Why Should You Take CBD?

CBD is the newest, biggest trend in wellness, and if you believe all the claims its fans make, it’s a new wonder drug (or at least supplement) that can heal almost any ill! Even if you maintain a sensibly sceptical mind and don’t trust every overexcited promise, there are plenty of promised benefits to using CBD products as part of your wellness routine.

Today we’re taking a look at this new trend and the evidence in its favour to answer the question – whether you get it from a high street health food shop or a specialist online retailer like Dayzed, why should you take CBD?

The Scientific Establishment

It’s important to note that CBD has only recently become available, as a clinical treatment or health supplement. Studies into the efficacy and effects of CBD are still very much in progress, and there are very few conclusions about it that have been reached by the medical establishment. This means that a doctor will prescribe CBD based medications in a small number of very specific circumstances: to help control the pain of certain cancer treatments, to for particular forms of epilepsy.

Other effects are not guaranteed by the medical establishment, and we have to work with preliminary, small scale studies to guide us. This means that CBD shouldn’t take the place of a consultation with your doctor.

CBD Relieves Pain

One of the biggest claims about CBD’s therapeutic effects is that it works to relieve pain. For people with chronic pain and who aren’t happy with their current pain management regime, CBD could represent a vital resource!

Studies do show there is some evidence behind the claim that CBD can act as a neuropathic painkiller, reducing the pain transmitted by nerves and registered by the brain. There’s also some evidence that CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory, which can make it a useful treatment for conditions like arthritis.

If you’re trying to control chronic pain, then CBD tea or edibles releases a steady stream of CBD into the blood stream as it breaks down. In a survey by the Brightfield Group, 42% of respondents said that they had stopped using clinical painkillers altogether after finding the right CBD products for them.

CBD and Mental Health

There is also some evidence that CBD can useful in managing some mental health issues. It appears to interact with your Endo-Cannabinoid System in a way that mimics the effects of some anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. For that reason, it could be worth trying some CBD gummies before starting prescription medication for mild to moderate mental health issues. While it shouldn’t replace working with a qualified doctor, it may be a helpful compliment to more clinical therapies!