What To Look Out For When Buying A House

If you’re looking to move this year, you’ll probably have a checklist of things you want to have in your new property already. From more spacious rooms to a decent size garden, there is an endless list of must-haves when you start to think about it. Deciding on what is ‘desirable’ and what is ‘essential’ is key though, so to help, here are some tips on things to look out for when buying a home, from the smaller details to the definite essentials.

Good Central Heating System

Your new home needs to keep you warm when the temperature drops outside, so having a reliable central heating system is a must. You’ll want to check that the radiators are up to standard and have thermostatic radiator valves to regulate the heating per room to help save energy. A heated towel rack in the bathroom is also extremely useful during the winter to dry out towels quickly and avoid excessive moisture, as well as heating the room to a comfortable temperature. If it’s gas central heating, check that the boiler is in good shape and is being regularly maintained too.

Plenty of Storage Space

Having more space is one of the most wanted aspects for those looking to buy a house, so choosing a property that has lots of storage is ideal. If rooms have fitted wardrobes or shelving units, this is great, as it is already incorporated into the room design. Under staircase storage, lofts and even kitchen pantries will keep most of your items out of sight when you are not using them. If you pick a property that is too small for your needs, then it can quickly look cluttered and you’ll be looking to move again after a short period.

Working, Modern Appliances

Whilst having brand new items throughout a home is great, this is generally going to cost a lot more, so when looking at properties, you’ll want to ensure the appliances are of good working standard. Some homes won’t include some items as it will depend on if the current owners are leaving behind things like a washing machine or fridge, so you’ll need to check what is going to be included and what you’ll need to purchase separately. Most new builds will have all of this fitted, but if you’re buying an older property, you may want to upgrade some appliances. The main things will be a fridge, working cooker and stovetop, so you should check these are the exact specifications you want.

A Garden or Front Yard

Everyone needs a bit of fresh air so having a property with some form of outdoor space is a must. This will depend on your budget and location, but having a decent-sized garden will help you unwind at weekends and provide more space too for outdoor furniture, a shed etc. If this isn’t possible, for example in an apartment, then the next best thing is balcony space or a communal garden area. Of course, the bigger the garden or outdoor space the more maintenance you’ll need, so you should decide on what’s ideal for you. Some will have both a front yard and garden which in the long-term you could decide to extend onto with a conservatory or a larger driveway, for example.

Your checklist for buying a house will increase the more you start to plan out what you want for each room, so taking into account the above, you’ll find exactly what you need in no time.