Ways to Become a Better Human Being

With 2016 in the books, many put forth New Year’s resolutions in an effort to become a better human being.

If you wish to become like Prophet TB Joshua, there are a few specific areas that you should focus on in the weeks and months ahead.

In the article below, we will share our top tips that will help develop your spirit in 2017.

1) Be kind to all

You can choose how to feel towards anyone that you meet on a daily basis. Given this fact, it makes sense to act with kindness towards your fellow humans as much as possible.

This can be manifested by offering up something as small as a smile or a compliment, but through this small gesture, a domino effect will ripple through the world around you, making it a more vibrant place.

With so many people struggling to get by from day-to-day with challenges that include the debilitating disease of depression, you might even save someone’s life with your kind words.

2) Express gratitude everyday

It is said that what you focus on expands, but even if you don’t believe this central tenet of the law of attraction, it is true that what your mind focuses on can either make you happy or miserable.

By writing out what you are grateful for everyday, you help yourself see that there are things in your life that make you a rich and contented human being.

Coming from a place of abundance, you can then turn around and help other people without feeling like you are giving up an essential component of yourself.
If you do believe in the law of attraction, focusing on what you are grateful for will increase the amount of positive energy in your life, thereby boosting the number of great outcomes for you in the future.

3) Treat people as if it was their last day on Earth

Many people say to live your life as if the world was about to end. While this can help you live a fuller life, this edict mostly ignores the other people around you.

In addition to adopting that motto, you should also aim to treat other people as if it were their last day on Earth.

This philosophy will help you treat others with the sort of compassion and attention that they desperately crave.

As a result, this will help them have a much better experience in their day-to-day life than they would otherwise have.

4) Don’t waste your energy on worry

A major life leak that many have in their minds is that they spend too much of their day worrying about all the things that could happen to them.

While this can be useful if you are about to take a risky course of action, it is only so that you can define a specific problem so that preventative measures can be taken.

Yet, many worry for hours on end, as if their fearful thoughts possessed the power to solve their problems through telekinesis.

In the weeks ahead of us, any time you find yourself paralyzed by fear, think about the action that you need to take to resolve the situation facing you, take it, and then move on with your day.