Unique Ways to Market Your Business

Marketing has become increasingly important to the bottom line of a business. The more effective a marketing strategy is, the greater chances organizations have of increasing their profits and building their audiences. Yet with the increase in startups launched every year and the continuing discoveries of new marketing mediums, standing out from the competition means going beyond the basics. Through the implementation of unique concepts such as these to be discussed below, small businesses have an increased opportunity to stand out  and beat out the competition.

Record Live

Social media platforms have created a more personal approach and platform for businesses to reach their target audience. Though regular content, memes, photos, and quick response times go a long way in reaching the masses, it is the companies that are willing to think outside of the box that are able to connect and succeed.

Live video feeds are the trending method being used to connect with audiences in real-time. Determine what your target audience is interested in, what things they might want to know about you or your company, and create a video to share with your followers.

Personalized videos often get the most reaction like a recording of a company owner and their family having fun on a surfing SUP (stand up paddleboard) or cooking a delicious meal. Though you don’t want to make it too personal, allowing your followers into that area of your life can cultivate a relationship unlike any video of an office meeting or corporate event.

Repurpose Your Content

Web content, blogs, social media posts, and newsletters are all digital marketing mediums that have been used by the masses. As the average attention span of consumers decreases, the need to find ways to engage your audience while providing the same wealth of information is vital.

Instead of getting rid of all your internet content, consider switching things up by repurposing it to something more interactive. Infographics, explainer videos, ebooks, and whiteboard animation are all forms of digital content that have been proven to get a higher response from online users. Working with an infographic company to repurpose your content can breathe new life into the messages you want your audiences to hear.

Contests and Giveaways

Nothing brings an audience like the opportunity to win something free or have a few moments in the spotlight. Contests and giveaways are both efficient ways to boost your following and market your brand. You can use platforms like social media to get the buzz going. Determine what type of contest you’d like to hold, what the rules are, and what the prize will be.

Let’s say you are a cosmetics company and you want to create a contest for your followers. A few contest ideas might include asking your followers to come up with a name for a new lipstick or foundation color. You could ask followers to send in photos wearing your makeup and have your audience vote on who wore it best. You might even consider requesting makeup tutorial videos from your followers using your products. This gets them involved, using your products, and much more. A prize might be free cosmetics, cash, or promotional products.

Hit Local Events

It’s not enough to remain in the digital world of marketing. If you want to stand out from the compettion and attract new audiences you can’t forget traditional forms of marketing. Face-to-face meetings and interactions are always better. Find out about local events that your brand would mesh well with. Become a vendor at a local flea market, festival, or street fair, hand out free promotional products at parades and community events, or perhaps try sponsoring a local school, religious organization, or charity event.

In order for a small business to succeed, they must continue to reinvent their brand to meet the growing trends and needs of their target audience. With new businesses starting every month and technology advancing at expotential speed, finding creating approaches to marketing to the masses is necessary to succeed. Hopefully, these ideas have given you a new angle on how to brand your business.