Travel Tips to Nevada

People often associate Nevada to gambling because of the numerous casinos located within this U.S. state, but there are more to this place than dealing playing cards and spinning the slots. There are also the beautiful Lake Tahoe and Truckee River where you can enjoy water sports and other outdoor sports like hiking and trekking. If you want to make most of your stay in Nevada, then take in consideration some of these travel tips before heading of to this state.

Book a Hotel in Advance

To avoid the hassle of finding accommodation when you get to your chosen destination, it is best to book a hotel in advance. Because of today’s technology, you can easily book a room via online websites such as and There are also other hotel booking websites that offer mobile apps so you can make hotel reservations using your smartphone. Premiere hotels in Las Vegas like ARIA always get fully-booked especially during the peak season so it is best to make advance reservations. This luxurious resort and casino is often packed with tourists because it is located right in the heart of the Strip where you can find some of the city’s top attractions, restaurants, and shops. Some people even prefer staying within the resort because of the casino as well as its wide selection of Michelin-starred restaurants and trendy clubs. You are assured of getting a room once you get to Las Vegas if you follow this simple advice.

Check the Weather

The southern part of Nevada often has hot and dry temperatures so avoid going there every summer. It is best to head to the northern part during summer so that you can experience a cooler weather, but be prepared for snow especially during the winter season. If you are planning to go skiing, then visit the region of Lake Tahoe between October to May.

Match Your Budget

It is important to match your budget to your destination so you won’t end up staying in the hotel all day because you don’t have enough money to tour the place. Visiting Las Vegas with a low budget is possible if you go there during the off peak season, which are after the holidays til a few days before Valentine’s Day or summer when the weather gets too hot. If you choose to go to Lake Tahoe, then May is a good time to go there because there are less tourists during that time. Reno is the perfect destination for budget-conscious travelers.

Photo by 83372564@N00 on Flickr