Is The Tinder Generation Immune To Relationships?

Swipe right. It’s a match. It’s instantaneous, so satisfying, and it’s a genuine gamification of dating. It’s Tinder.

Whether you love it or hate it, Tinder has got its claws well and truly into the dating scene. It’s just too easy. At the tap of an app users have access to thousands of eligible singles within their local area as long as users unblock Tinder on Wi-Fi. What’s more than that, it takes the effort out of that initial encounter. In just a finger motion no harder than flipping an angry red bird over to grunting pigs, people who are mutually attracted are matched.

Wholly for hook-ups

The Tinder generation live in a world of instant gratification. This current culture lives for likes and open acknowledgement of even the most general achievements. Tinder ticks all of these boxes and applies them directly to the dating scene. Yet, with pairings so easily prepared electronically, hook-ups are almost encouraged.

With no strings dating becoming the norm for the Tinder generation, there is a worry that such singles apps could be destroying the notion of love. Superficial instafan singles are preferring to test the waters with multiple matches, without even a consideration for commitment.

Expanding social circles

It seems that no-ties fun is the name of the game, and Tinder is the platform. Has commitment itself frankly bitten the dust? Rather than considering Tinder a factor in the death of commitment, it could be viewed as tool to enhance confidence.

The app provides young men and women with the opportunity to meet likeminded singles and socialise, without the stresses and strains of settling down.

Getting it right the first time

Love will always prevail. When the time’s right, whether people meet through dating apps, online or in person, a long term relationship will be on the cards. Apps such as Tinder simply suit the today’s trends, as men and women are waiting until later years before committing to family life.

And this may not be a bad thing, as the latest reports from the Office for National Statistics indicate an increase in couples tying the knot, alongside a decline in divorce rates.

Online dating options

Of course, automatic matches aren’t for everyone. Other forms of online dating such as mature dating tend to put the humanity back into meeting someone special. If you are older and you are looking for mature dating in the US, try You can make genuine connections throughout your dating journey. Just register, create a profile, and browse through singles in your local area.

When you come across an individual who stands out from the crowd, instant messaging on dating sites allows you to speak privately. Break the ice and gather common ground. When things go well, make the move and arrange a meet, free from awkward first liners and blind date blunders.

Apps and online platforms may be a modernised way of meeting your match, with a little fun along the way. This considered, they also open doors to new dimensions of dating. Forget finding a long term partner through family and friends, let loose, forget those ties, and meet the one your way.