The Winter Wonderland Playground Of Lapland

Lapland is a large region in the north of Finland. It is a unique and wonderful land where summers are cold and winters are very cold. Winter is definitely the best time to go as you will discover lots of exiting activities to enjoy when you visit around this time of the year.

Encounter the Beauty of Nature

On your visit to Lapland you are sure to fall in love with all the beauty that surrounds you. From days that have no night to mystical lights that light up the night, Lapland has beauty beyond the wildest imagination. The winter months in Lapland actually only get a couple hours of sunlight a day but makes a great time to get out and see Aurora Borealis also known as the Northern Lights. The stunning beauty you encounter in this desolate land will give you memories that will last a lifetime.

A Safari in the Snow

In Lapland, one of the most enjoyable activities is taking a safari. But this safari is not to catch a glimpse of lions or elephants but rather a chance to explore the beauty of a wilderness covered in snow and ice. The best option for a safari is to take a snowmobile that way you can enjoy your time while traveling at a pace that allows you to take in all of your surroundings. Other safaris available in Lapland are husky and reindeer safaris which allow you the chance to enjoy a ride while you learn about these beautiful animals.

Sliding Down the Snow

The snow begins falling on the region of Lapland in early November and lasts until May giving you the perfect opportunity to get some skiing in while on your visit here. There are plenty of great spots for skiing in the area but one of your best options is the Levi Ski Resort. From beginners to more experienced skiers, this ski result has got you covered with over 40 different slopes to choose from. If snowboarding is your thing, then you are sure to enjoy the Snow Park at Levi Ski Resort which offers you a challenging and exciting experience.

Drop Your Line Thru The Ice

For the more adventurous traveler to Lapland a unique ice fishing expedition is a wonderful action packed activity. There are many lakes and rivers in Lapland that freeze over in the winter. Because of this the only way to catch the fish is to drill a whole and sink your hook into the icy waters beneath. Fishing is definitely taken to the next level when you try your luck exciting and challenging adventure.

Explore the Cities of Lapland

More fun and adventure await as you explore the cities around the region of Lapland. Each city you visit will allow you to experience the unique culture and get to better know the people who have spent a lifetime in this wonderful land. Of all the cities in Lapland, Rovaniemi is the best place to really experience how people live in Lapland. This city also know as Santa Clause’s Hometown is the capital of Finnish Lapland and has plenty of activates, restaurants, and accommodations to offer everyone.

The activities mentioned above are just a few of the exciting things you can do in the winter wonderland of Lapland and they can only be enjoyed when you go and experience them for yourself. To discover all that Lapland has to offer visit

Photo by lindarobinson on Flickr