How Modern Careers Have Changed in Recent Years

Image provide by COD Newsroom in accordance with CC BY 2.0

As businesses and consumers change with the times, so too do the jobs which we do, over the years many new jobs have arisen as a result of new industries, take the world of tech for example, the amount of job creation in that sector is mind numbing compared with 30 years ago. Some professions remain the same however although they have witnessed a great deal of modernization, changing the way in which we operate and perform in the workplace. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the way that traditional careers have changed through the years and take a look at the new ways in which people are working.


Over the last 10-15 years the title of self-employed has changed dramatically, once upon a time it would just be painters and decorators, plumbers and other tradesmen or eagle-eyed businessmen who would go it alone. Thanks to the dawn of the digital age however, almost anyone with an internet connection can work for themselves with ease. Freelance workers, online start-ups, online shops and avid YouTubers make up the large amount of those who are self-employed. The internet has provided millions with the chance to make money from the comfort of their own armchair, either to create a business or just to make some cash on the side, there is also option of making money online by playing online casino games, the possibilities are limitless.


The World of education has changed dramatically, no longer do we teach our children strict curriculums where they run the risk of having education beaten into them through the threat of the cane. These days the curriculums are fluid from school to school, we teach modern education such as ICT, teaching Latin has given way to several modern languages and P.E. has taken on an altogether more scientific nature. Teachers also now face newer pressures through the amount of data that we keep on our children, performance standards and regular check ups from the likes of OFSTED have altered how we teach and the way we are measured has never been stricter.


No longer will you walk down fleet street and here the clunk of typewriters or the churning of the printing presses, these days you’re more likely to see journalists in cafes updating social media from their tablet. Technology has entirely transformed the press industry and paved the way for more lines of communication not only between the press and the public, but also between journalists all over the World who can report on stories from millions of miles away in real time.


Whilst the end result of bringing someone back to health remains the same, the method in which doctors now approach their patients has changed dramatically. There are far more regulations that doctors must now follow when it comes to patient care and more pressure on their shoulders when it comes to correct diagnosis. As medical advancements have arrived, there are far more specializations in which doctors can now focus on and GPs must be even more knowledgeable about the human body and its problems. Technology has re-shaped the medical practice meaning we now have more high-tech equipment to perform operations and diagnoses and more information available at the fingertips of doctors to keep them up to speed.