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5 Affordable Vacation Ideas for When Money Is Tight


Everyone deserves to have a vacation. Vacations give you a chance to break from your routine, and come with a host of physical and mental benefits, including the reduction of stress, better perspective on your life and work, improved immune function, reduced risk of depression, and even a lower risk of career burnout. Of course, few people are opposed to taking a vacation; the idea seems wonderful, but the logistics of actually taking one can be prohibitive. When you start calculating the price of a vacation, which might cost you airfare, hotel accommodations, and other travel costs for you and…

The Best Credit Cards for Travel

There’s a lot to think about when planning for a big trip: flight schedules, hotel itineraries, packing the right clothes and so on. But long before you decide where to go, there’s an important step even the most diligent travelers should never overlook: picking out the best credit card for travel.

9 Great Romantic Vacation Ideas

Our daily life is rather busy to spend enough time together with those who we love the most. Any relationship needs enlivenment – see what romantic vacation ideas you may gain from to please you and your lover. 1. Sailing cruise For those who are in searches of an alternative to plain beach relaxation, nothing can be better. Seriously, imagine you just enter another world. Forget all the daily issues and enjoy the sun and the waves. Yachting becomes the real trend all over the globe. No matter what season it is or how far it is – you will…

Tips for Taking Perfect Vacation Photos

perfect vacation photos

Heading out on vacation soon? Ever wonder how your friends take such amazing vacation photos while on holiday but yours always seem to end up blurry or just “blah.” Here are some tips for taking perfect vacation photos no matter where you are. The Equipment It used to be you had to have loads of expensive equipment to take high-quality photos. Today that is no longer the case. Smart phones have become increasingly capable of taking high-quality  photos and this can be a godsend on your vacation. I know it seems counterintuitive to just pack your phone not your camera on…