Fun Ideas For Stag Party Destinations Around The World

What are the best Stag Party Destinations Around The World?

The best place to get the low down on whether a place makes a great fit for the stag party you’re organizing? To head there yourself and sample all the attractions and delights of a potential destination first hand. Failing that though, as time and cost will inevitably cause you to, you can read this article instead. The funnest stag party destinations around the world? Check out these recommendations for a start.


Czech Republic’s capital makes for a top stag destinations thanks to the crazy nights out it offers, the amazing and varied food served up by its thousands of restaurants and lots and lots of beer. Perhaps one of the best reasons to opt for Prague to say goodbye to your future groomsman are its numerous pub crawls, designed and led by locals to take you to all the best spots and never leave you with an empty glass in your hand.

Cheap in terms of beer, you’ll want to at least check out many of the bars and alehouses in the cities’ Old Town (Stare Mesto). An added bonus? People speak pretty decent English in Prague too.


Amsterdam is an iconic stag do destination for many reasons. Home to fantastic beer, food, museums and other interesting attractions, the Dutch capital has so many things to keep even the most demanding stag group interested.

Away from the enticing city coffee shops, Amsterdam also has plenty to see and do in terms of beer factories, wine tasting workshops, city tours and even bicycle tours if you’re looking to burn off a few drinking calories. Locals are famous for their hospitality, their English is near perfect and getting around Amsterdam is remarkably easy. Definitely one of the most enjoyable locations on this list.


Hungary’s premier city is another attractive option for someone gifted with the responsibility of organizing an unforgettable stag trip. Cheaper than both Prague and Amsterdam, Budapest definitely delivers more bang for your buck as well as boasting some of the best pub crawls in central Europe.

Of course you’ll want to go easy with Hungarian liqueur given its famous strength but if you’re really hell-bent on experimenting try out Unicum and Palinka. Watch out for taxi drivers taking you to ‘nightclubs’ too, best to stick to what’s recommended in the guidebooks.


Spain’s Catalan heart, Barcelona beats out Madrid for stag parties due to the sheer variety of things there are available to do in the mega city. From jet skiing and other beach-based activities, to shooting, karting, football tours and tapas crawls, the city has it all.

By no means the cheapest option on this list, Barcelona is definitely worth it in terms of fun. Just an hour long walk down its famous Ramblas will show you the cities’ potentialities in terms of entertaining a stag crowd but be wary to keep your eyes out for pickpockets and other hawkers looking to part you from your money.