Some Easy and Safe Exercises for Seniors to Improve Strength and Balance.

Exercise is important for all of us, especially when we are getting old, it provides benefits to us and prevents us from several diseases. The people in old age if they adopt exercise as their daily routine they feel more confident, less dependant on others, and improves health.

As we get older certain diseases cause impairment in balance and strength. Some of those diseases are 

  • Due to several medications
  • Arthritis
  • cardiovasular disease
  • Migraine and meningitis
  • Blurred or impaired vision
  • Many other reasons

As we age, we have to work a little bit harder to make our muscles stronger. Because as we age we feel as if we are losing balance all the time. Our hip bone and ankles become weak and there is impaired blurred vision and inner ear impairment.

There are certain exercises for senior people which can keep them on toes and tend to make their bones stronger. But before exercising you should take some preventive measures, in order to make exercise safe for seniors You can stand near the wall, put a chair beside, or start up your workout near the counter.

Make teeth brushing fun exercise

Oh yes! Seniors, you can make teeth brushing fun exercise by turning on your favorite soundtrack. Now standing near the counter lift your right toe, with your right-hand brush left upper corner of your oral cavity and brush for few seconds with a soft toothbrush. Now lift your left toe and hold your toothbrush in the left hand. start brushing the upper right corner of your oral cavity for a few seconds. Now repeat this exercise again.

Lifting your knee exercise

Standing near the chair or wall start lifting your right knee as much as you can, then start lifting another knee as much as you can. Keep on doing this exercise for at least one to two minutes. It will make your knees stronger and improve the flexibility of joints.

Walk-in a room

You can have a walk around your room. Start walking slowly, while walking move your head to the right side. Now move to another end of the room, during a walk move your head to the left side slowly this time. This exercise will give strength to your neck muscles and walk itself is a complete body exercise. Beside it, you can make your exercise easy-going by wearing comfortable outfits. 

Strengthening with hip exercise

Seniors can enjoy good quality lifestyle if given attention by caretakers. Professional caretakers can make a bound with seniors during their exercise to help them performing it in supervision. Because Joints pain and other health issues in older age cause problems for seniors to exercise on their own.  Arthritis causes difficulty in walking in elder people.        

By doing this exercise seniors can have less difficulty in waking and this exercise also increase the strength of their hip muscles as well. For doing so make seniors lie on an exercise mat on the left side and make them bend their left leg at the knee lying on the floor. Now make them lift their right leg as high as possible, hold on to this position for few seconds now slowly lower their right leg. Now again switch to the right side and repeat this exercise five times.

Exercising of calf muscles

By performing this exercise of calf muscles seniors can easily move upstairs or downstairs. To perform this exercise simply support the senior with a chair, and make them stand on a large book. Make them rise on their toes, hold on for a few seconds now make them get lowered. Now make them put their heels on the floor for stretching of calf muscles. Hold for a few second. This exercise helps in strengthening of calf muscles and also helps them to improve their balance as calf muscles get stronger.

Besides exercising good nutrition also play a vital role to attain health in them. If you have concerns for your elder’s professional caretakers can provide them and guide them all basic needs and help them to exercise in a safe way.

Strength gaining with help of squats

Squats in seniors can be performed with the help of a chair and wall. If seniors want to use a chair simply make them bend their knees, making a 45-degree angle. Now lower their bodies as if they are almost seated. Now again make them get back in standing position. Senior can get support from the wall while standing back again. Repeat this exercise for 5 to 10 times. Squats in seniors help them in improving joints mobility, and hips flexibility, also help in strengthening of  buttock and thigh muscles