5 Tips For Motorcycle Safety Awareness

Motorcycling is no doubt fun and entertaining and there are extensive health benefits of riding. However, as much as its benefits are real, the dangers of riding a motorbike are also real and there are a lot of people globally who need awareness in this regard. 

Careless riding is one of the major root cause of all the accidents and mishaps on the roads. When road accidents happen while you are riding a car, it may result in damage to your car body while seat belts and airbags save you from sustaining any major injury. 

But the same does not imply for the motorbikes. When you fall from a bike the chances of sustaining bone-fracturing, open wound, or even life-threatening injuries are very high and no protective apparatus (other than what you wear) is going to be available to protect you in that predicament. Therefore it is extremely important that you are aware of proper safety protocols and procedures that can increase your safety on the road. 

To learn about how you can effectively prepare to ride your two-wheeler while also respecting the safety procedures, continue to read our top 5 motorcycle safety awareness tips. 

Riding attire 

You can go on ahead and wear a helmet and hop on your bike and hit the road right? Wrong! You cannot just put on a helmet and hit the road. A helmet will only protect your head so what about the rest of your body?  You will need a proper sportswear outfit to protect your full body in case of an accident or a crash. 

These attire items include gloves, jackets, vests glasses, helmet, boots, armored tracksuits, etc. If you are a biker you will need to own proper attire items. Wearing proper sportswear or safety gear items not only protects you from sustaining injuries but also makes you look stylish. 

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Caution in intersections 

You’d be surprised how many accidents happen in intersections. Most car drivers fail to see bikers while turning left or right as a result collisions happen. The best way to prevent such a predicament is that you slow down your bike’s speed while crossing an intersection while keeping an aware eye on your surroundings. 

Overtake carefully 

When you are on a motorcycle it is only natural that you will have the edge of surpassing many vehicles even in the congested areas. Cars and other automobiles are heavier and larger in size so they take more space due to which they might travel slower. 

As a biker, you will have many chances to overtake slow-moving vehicles on the road, and one of the biggest perks of having a motorbike is the ability to commute faster through traffic. However, it is highly advised that you overtake very carefully because overtaking dangerously at high speeds will increase the chances of collisions. 

Avoid poor weather conditions 

Stormy weather, heavy rains, slippery roads, foggy and misty climates are not exactly the perfect motorcycle-friendly weather conditions. In rainy weather apart from slippery roads, the rain itself can diminish the ability of the rider to steer and see effectively that increases the chances of a crash. Similarly, in foggy or misty climate situations other riders may have a hard time seeing you on the road that will not be safe for riding. 

Watch out for the blind spot 

Accidents are called ‘accidents’ because they are unintended. Most of the drivers do not see motorcyclists or the time when they finally see them it is already too late. There are several blind spots of the car drivers where they cannot see a motorcycle due to its small size. 

And most drivers fail to see riders and try to turn in their direction resulting in a collision and a fall. An easy fix to avoid this situation is to maintain a safe distance between yourself and the other vehicles on the road. 

Following safety procedures like these cannot not only ensure your safety but can also prevent your two-wheeler beauty from sustaining any damage in the process. Because even if you survive a crash you will still have to spend heavily on your bike repairs depending on the severity of damages. Prevention is always better than cure therefore always rider safely while respecting the rules of traffic.