Simple guide to home hard water treatment systems

Hard water treatment systems are popular among many households. This is because it removes all the minerals that damage your water heaters, leaves your dishes with spots, laundry look dingy while leaving your skin and hair looking dry. Although there are lots of water treatment companies available, Kinetico UK has one of the best hard water treatment systems that will save you both time and money. Below is a guide on the different types of home hard water treatment options and home water solutions.

  • Ion exchange Systems

These particular systems are a great hard water treatment solution since they involve the removal of the minerals that make the water hard. Ion exchange systems typically remove positively charged mineral ions, replacing them with sodium ions.

  • Salt-Free Systems

The salt-free home hard water treatment is another effective system. It basically dissolves calcium carbonate mineral ions into crystalline. Although a salt-free system doesn’t remove mineral content from the water, it typically reduces its volume from the surface. In simpler terms, this hard water treatment is used when you want to prevent your appliances from hard water destruction.

  • Softener and Filter systems

The softener and filter systems are ideal for softening and water treatment. This water treatment system contains carbon media that typically remove all brine and resin content, as a result, making the water safe for drinking.

Home water solutions

  • Water softeners

Home water softeners typically remove all contaminants such as magnesium, calcium, iron, or sediment from your hard water. When excess minerals are dissolved, you’ll definitely have less buildup on home appliances, and after a shower, your skin won’t be as dry as before.

  • Water refiners

Another great treatment solution is using water refiners. They basically reduce odor coming from hard water while also refining your water entirely. Water refiners are also effective when it comes to sediment and mineral reduction.

  • Anti-scale systems

This particular system is ideal for reducing water pressure while also improving your water heaters’ consumption. As a result, using a hard anti-scale system will reduce your electricity bill while effectively treating your water at home.

  • Purification systems

This drinking purification system comes in handy especially if you want contaminant-free water in your home. Depending on where you want to install the filtration system, you’re definitely guaranteed clean soft drinking water from the tap.

  • Filtration systems

This entire home filtration system is convenient especially when it comes to preventing contaminants and other harmful mineral deposits from your water system. The other advantage is that it’s also quick and easy to install. Some might argue that tap water is usually safe for consumption, however, you just never know when it will contain harmful contaminants.

Final remarks

Water treatment will often vary from household to household. It’s therefore pivotal to choose a home hard water treatment system that will reduce or get rid of the contaminant that’s making your water unfit for consumption. Lastly, if you’re not sure about the level of hardness in your water, especially if you’re using well water, hire a professional water tester.