Sales Success: How to Hit Quota this Quarter

If it were easy, everyone would do it. Working in sales is a challenge, and quotas are provided as a means to push results towards a predetermined goal. If you’re consistently meeting quotas, you’re barely beating the odds. According to CSO Insights, just over half (57.1%) of sales reps hit their goals each year.

Fortunately, there are proven ways to put yourself in this majority. Here are some tried and true methods and qualities that can help you achieve sales success and virtually ensure that you will hit your sales quota this quarter.

Disciplined Prospecting

If you want to make your numbers, you’ll need to become a master at building relationships. You won’t get a chance to connect with people unless you are tirelessly focused on prospecting. This means that you spend the researching and communicating with potential clients. This is the process through which you will build your dream client list.

Build a Strong Pipeline

Making your sales quota each quarter means that you aren’t coming down to the wire with the need to close every prospect in your pipeline. In fact, your pipeline should be large enough that you can afford to lose a few key sales and still make your numbers. It’s not uncommon for a salesperson to devote most of their resources to a large deal, to the detriment of the rest of their pipeline. This would be a mistake as you should continue building your pipeline through decisive action.

Consistent Use of a CRM

The best way to manage your prospecting and build your sales pipeline is through the use of a CRM. These systems can not only help you manage relationships, but they will also keep you on schedule and deliver key customer insight that will help you close more deals.  Explaining product features are well and good, but being able to tell a prospect how your product or service will solve their particular need is the best way to hit those sales quotas.

In-Depth Product Knowledge

We just said that you won’t get deals done with features alone, but product knowledge is a key component to great salesmanship. In reality, how can you expect to convince a prospect that your product or service is the answer to their prayers unless you can detail the ways that their problems will be solved? Over-focusing on product specs isn’t necessary, but being ready with a quick and detailed answer to any question is a must.

Exceptional Sales and Negotiation Skills

If you know how to prospect and have strong product knowledge, you are well on your way to making your sales numbers. Getting prospects interested, however, isn’t the same thing as getting them to sign on the dotted line. Good salesmanship also requires that you understand how to move prospects through the sales pipeline, when to ask for the sale, and how to effectively negotiate terms.

An Abundance of Passion

Salespeople are more likely to hit quota with the right processes in place. But monthly numbers will really explode when those methods combine with integrity and a passion for the product or solution.

Notice how we didn’t call the focus of your sales a product or service? Once you switch your mindset to the idea that you are solving problems for your clients, you may never need to worry about quotas again.

While your numbers and quota goals may be a lingering thought in the back of your mind, the truth is that achieving quota becomes automatic once you master the fundamentals of building a strong pipeline, fine-tuning your sales skills, and keeping your passion dialed up. Put effort into these areas, and you will look back on the quarter and see how well your hard work has paid off for both you and your employer.