For Robert Mims Memphis Country Clubs Are the Best to Join

Country clubs have an air of belonging and exclusivity around them. Everyone wants to be a member of them, but it feels like only the lucky few can actually do it. For Robert Mims Memphis is the perfect place to find country clubs to join. He sees them as an opportunity to make new friends and business contacts and to become part of a community. But they also offer an opportunity to talk about golf and play the game itself.

Robert Mims Memphis Country Clubs

Mims has been all over the country, from Louisville to New York, working in many different positions, ranging from news delivery guy to CFO of a huge company. After university, he settled in Memphis and quickly started to review the local country clubs. He read every report there was on the different clubs, absorbed every guideline, determine which foundation each club worked with, found out which papers they were cited in, and more. By August, he had chosen his club.

For Mims, a country club is a place to hang out with golfers of all different skill levels, meaning there is always someone there that is a worthy adversary. Everybody has to make their own considerations when it comes to which club to join, but for Mims, the most important ones are:

  1. Who the golf buddies will be. Mims didn’t want to enter a club where someone would steal his clubs, where old people constantly fell down with a cardiac arrest, where the busboy had just returned from an arrest, and where someone would get fired at least once a week. He wanted to be part of a community, so one of the first things he looked into was membership list. Of course, Mims already had a lot of connections and was able to get some advice on which clubs were the best in the Memphis area.
  2. The location of the country club. The club shouldn’t be too far away, as nobody wants to spend hours in the car before getting to the club. This would also mean missing out on events and simply not having enough time to really enjoy the club.
  3. The membership fees. Country clubs are rarely cheap, since they are designed to create an air of exclusivity and class. However, that also doesn’t mean that they have to cost the earth, or that they don’t offer a significant value for money. The fees have to be fair, and they have to cover the things that you personally feel are of importance. They should also be inclusive of the various services the club offers.

Last but not least, Mims feels people need to identify why they want to be country club members before they start to look. Not everybody wants to play golf, for instance. Some want their children to be able to ride ponies, others want to sip brandy and smoke cigars with other members of high society. Others want to improve their golf skills and want to hang out with people better than them.