Relax In Style – Rest Easy After A Long Day With A Reclining Chair

Knowing how to relax, and optimizing down time is becoming more and more important in the busy, modern, target based world. The key is to know what makes you feel relaxed, and a lot of the time that comes down to habit. People who have little post-work rituals to make them feel relaxed can generally get to a state of calm faster and give their minds a break from the constant buzz. Having a comfortable reclining chair that you can come home to and set yourself up in is a great habit to get yourself to a place of relaxation.


It’s no surprise that comfort is what we look for in a good reclining chair. Comfort is the purpose of the recliner. A great reclining chair needs high quality padding material, while also offering excellent back support, and length for your legs. There’s nothing worse than finding a great recliner, kicking it back and finding the leg support only reaches your upper thigh. So try before you buy, and find the most comfortable recliner to suit your physique.


Unfortunately, in the past, great comfort has come at the expense of style. But it doesn’t have to anymore. There are many manufacturers creating stylish, classy, and comfortable recliners these days. Be sure to take your current décor into account when purchasing a recliner. You want it to fit into the room, not stand out like a ‘pick the one which doesn’t belong’ game. There are recliners in all sorts of styles and contemporary looks, so you are sure to find one that suits your home or office design.

Manual vs. Electric

Manual recliners are operated by the sitter, generally with a lever at the side of the chair. These are very low maintenance and often can be cheaper than going electric. Obviously, suitability is a key factor for those who have limited mobility. If there’s a chance you might struggle with lifting the lever now or in a few years’ time then electric is probably the way to go. Electric recliners rely on a small motor that manoeuvres the recliner into a lowered position, raises the foot support, and sometimes tilts forward to make it easier to exit the chair. Modern electric chairs are generally quiet, smooth, and easy to use, however they often require servicing.

Location, Location, Location

Often, one of the issues with purchasing a new recliner is finding the right spot to put it. So, spend some time putting thought into this first, before you have it delivered to your house. Make room for it and then just slot it in once it arrives – rather than having the delivery drivers plonk it in the middle of the lounge room where it will wait until you’ve rearranged the whole house to find the perfect location for it.

When finding the right spot for it, be sure to leave room for the chair when it’s in its normal position, but also when it is reclined. Don’t set it up with its back close to a wall so that every time you recline you hit the wall. At the same time, leave room for the foot support – so don’t position a coffee table too close.


Finding the perfect chair for you takes time. It isn’t a difficult task, but one that requires a bit of research and window shopping. It’s worth the time though, because once you have it, it will be a friend for life. Whether you go for leather or material, a quality recliner will help you relax after those long days and weeks for years to come.