Quick Getaways that Will Have You Feeling Like You’re on Vacation

We live in a hectic world where it is always go, go, go. There is no time to just take a break from it all and go on an extended vacation. Most of our jobs do not allow this since not showing up to work for a week is something bosses tend to frown upon. However, instead of having to leave your city for a quick sabbatical, there are things you can do close by for a few hours or a whole day that will make you feel like you’re on a getaway from everything.

Hiking in the Woods

No matter where you live, there always seems to be some woods within an hour’s drive. Grab your keys, hiking gear, some snacks and water, and start your adventure. Be sure not to be trespassing on someone else’s land though. While it is fun to hike through the woods at a leisurely pace, it is not a joyful experience to be running through the woods trying to escape an angry landowner with a shotgun.

Find a Lake or a Beach

There is nothing so calming as being around a large body of water with time on your hands. See if you can borrow a kayak from a friend and do some paddling out on the water. If it is really a nice day out with the sun shining and warm temperatures, grab a towel and do some swimming. Maybe try your hand at surfing or water skiing. If you feel really adventurous, contact someone to teach you how to scuba dive. Being around the water for a day will leave you feeling energized. And not having to take a long car trip or plane ride to do so will keep you from spending your precious time stuck in traffic jams and airports.

Visit a Spa

Sometimes the beach is just not close enough, or perhaps the weather is bad. Visiting a spa for a day of pampering can have the same effect. Sitting in a steam bath, receiving a massage, and getting your nails done are all options. Just try not to fall in love with your masseuse. There are spas located in most cities across the globe. You can even be enjoying some of the best spas in Montreal no matter how cold the temperature is outside!


While spending time at the library may not seem like a great vacation for some of you, there is nothing better for the rest of us. Especially when so many libraries now have small cafes attached to them. Drinking special coffees while reading books that you have been talking about wanting to check out for the last three years sounds like a great day. I’m not sure if the library will actually allow you to bring a blanket and your slippers with you, but if not, check out all the books you want and bring the party back to your house. Escaping into a good book will make you feel like you are on the ultimate vacation.

Movie Theater

I used to love going to the movie theater by myself while it appeared the rest of society was busy at work. It’s so much less hassle than trying to coordinate all your friends’ schedules so all of you can see the movie together. Being able to watch a movie in a theater practically by yourself can be a lot of fun. If you are able to smuggle in food and drinks, too, without getting busted, then even better! Once one movie ends, grab your things and move on to the next theater featuring the film you want to see.