The Perfect Door for Security in Your Home

Security is becoming far more important for people when picking their homes. Therefore many are looking for the best door manufacturers to keep their homes safe from intruders. Here we cover the top tips to keep your doors burglar proof.


Doors with a window are a big security risk for your home and an instant attraction to a burglar. Nine times out of ten, the lock will be within arm’s reach of the window, so they simply have to smash this to gain entrance. This means it is a safer option to star clear of a windowed door. However if you must have one then it is best to choose reinforced glass.


Installing a deadbolt will really help to keeping your doors from being kicked in. Even the strongest reinforced doors can be kicked in with the correct amount of force. This will ensure that your door is not easily accessible for those intruders. If looking for extreme measures you can even install a secondary deadbolt from the inside. Once inside you could lock it from the inside, which would mean it would be near impossible for someone to gain entrance through this.


 Solid wooden doors are always a good selection as they are usually solid and kick proof. Security is important so other options could also be metal or even fiberglass. As mentioned previously if selecting the metal doors then a deadbolt would be an important addition to this. Of course a costly option could be reinforced steel doors, which would also require regular maintenance.


Insuring a strong frame to a door is one of the most important factors. If these are weak or even damaged, then it will take little force to kick through them. They can be overlooked with people focusing on the door itself in most cases. This is the same case for the doorjamb so reinforcing this with steel could be a positive option to keep them sturdy.

Sliding doors

No to sliding doors if you are looking for good security. They can however be made more secure with reinforced glass for example over normal thin glass. You could also look to install an alarm system with sensors to activate when broken. This would be a big deterrence for a burglar and the inside should be covered so it is not easy viewing through the door.